13 Most Brutal Villains In The Call of Duty Franchise & Ranked September 2021


Villains in video games do heinous acts that affect the course of the tale and create very memorable moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Call of Duty is no stranger to delivering these kinds of experiences. The majority of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fans may recollect their thoughts and sentiments when they saw General Shepherd shoot Ghost and Roach.

It’s one of the franchise’s most memorable scenes. Throughout the Call of Duty games, the villains have done heinous things to either the characters or the story as a whole. Here are the 10 most brutal villains in the franchise, ranked.

Call of Duty is perhaps the most enduring video game franchise. Even those who have never played it understand what it is about, and those who have are hooked. Its antagonists continue to get a lot of attention. These characters provide depth to the tale and produce epic moments that gamers will remember for a long time. Every adversary has a compelling backstory and, of course, goes to tremendous lengths to achieve their nefarious objectives. Without further ado, these are the most heinous villains the franchise has yet to produce.

13.Edward Richtofen

While his name sounds like a headache medicine, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be treated seriously. Fans are divided about whether he is a traditional villain, an anti-hero, or something else new. Despite this, the majority of gamers regard him as a villain in the franchise.

His acts throughout the plot make him either an anti-hero or a full-fledged villain. Eventually, he joins the good people, attempting to stop the evil version of himself. As the least violent villain in the franchise, he gets a pass on this ranking.

12.Khaled Al-Asad

Khaled Al-Asad, the main villain of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s opening act, was a horrible guy who collaborated with Imran Zakhaev.

During his ascent to power, he committed atrocities. For example, for being faithful to the current president, Yasir Al-Fulani, he ordered individuals to be killed in the streets. Khaled eventually captures Al-Fulani and has him executed on broadcast. Captain Price, Soap, and his squad ultimately capture Khaled Al-Asad near the close of Act One. After finding that Imran Zakhaev is still alive, Price kills Al-Asad.

11.General Barkov

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the franchise’s most recent game, was published in 2019 and included a return to the classic campaign mode, which was absent from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. General Barkov is one of the game’s primary antagonists. Barkov is the Russian army’s general, and he commits atrocities during the campaign operations, including releasing a toxic gas that kills numerous villagers and torturing Farah and her brother Hadir.

Farah finally defeats him in the Modern Warfare campaign’s last mission. Barkov has established himself as a noteworthy adversary who may be given additional history in a future sequel.

10.Nikita Dragovich

When Black Ops was launched in 2010, it was so far ahead of its time. There are so many wild twists and turns throughout the campaign mode that hold up just as well as the Shepherd betrayal moment. In several missions, players take on the role of Alex Mason, who is attempting to restore his psyche after being transformed into a sleeper agent. Nikita Dragovich, the game’s major villain, was the one responsible for brainwashing him.

He not only turns an American against his country, but he also helped weaponize Nova 6, a deadly biological weapon that he planned to use against the US. Thankfully, in the last mission, he was able to be stopped. He’s not one of the more remembered characters, although he committed some very heinous things during the game.

9.Gabriel T. Rorke

Ghosts was unlike any of the other games in terms of plot. While not as memorable as the Modern Warfare and Black Ops games, it did a wonderful job at trying something new and different. Rorke, the story’s major villain, was overall exceedingly harsh and went much too far in his desire for vengeance.

He used to be the Ghosts’ commander, but a mission gone bad left him for dead. Following his survival, the Federation tortured and indoctrinated him, forcing him to turn against his former comrades. One of Rorke’s most heinous crimes was murdering Elias T. Walker in front of his sons. It was terribly cruel, but shaped him as a great villain that players wanted to see dead.

8.Jonathan Irons

The series was drastically altered with Advanced Warfare. Exo-Suits and a focus on a more cinematic flair to the campaign mode were added to Advanced Warfare, taking the future scenario to the next level. After betraying his men and revealing that he is working on a biological weapon that would murder many innocent people, Jonathan Irons becomes the main antagonist of Advanced Warfare.

He’s on par with Shepherd in terms of terrible behavior. While his defection isn’t as shocking as when Ghost and Roach are slain, it’s still a fantastic twist. And, as an extra benefit, he’s played by Kevin Spacey, the famous eye-candy.

7.Salen Kotch

Let’s not forget Kit Harrington’s part in the Call of Duty franchise when it comes to visual candy. He was on the verge of destroying the planet Earth! Regardless of whether or not that endeavor was successful, he did wage war on Earth. Salen Koch is a ruthless tyrant with a strong sense of fashion.

On the ruthless radar, everything above shouts class and absolute excellence. He’s almost as good as Mendenez and the rest of the sharks on the list at times. His main objective is to dominate the Earth, and nothing will be able to stop him.

6.Imran Zakhaev

Imran Zakhaev takes over as the main villain in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare after the first act ends. In Modern Warfare 3, he laid the groundwork for the movements that would eventually lead to World War III. He proved difficult to assassinate, surviving an assassination attempt by John Price years before the current narrative that resulted in his losing only his left arm.

The true mastermind behind the events of the Modern Warfare trilogy is Zakhaev. Until his demise at the end of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s story mode, he turned everyone who served him into a puppet.


This persona was cool and mysterious from the start. He starts shooting captives and shoots someone in the face after seeing him for the first time and demonstrating that he is an amazing guy. If the players are unable to catch up to him, he will fly off into the sunset.

Check the dictionary if it isn’t evil. DeFalco repeatedly demonstrates that he is one of the franchise’s most vicious characters, slitting necks with a smirk on his face. The only “flaw” with this character is that he lacks the resources of the most cunning villains. He’d make every villain in the franchise his slave if he possessed a large arsenal.

4.Fredrich Steiner

Fredrich Steiner is one of the main villains of Call of Duty: Black Ops and was a German scientist and ex-Nazi that worked closely with Nikita Dragovich to develop Nova 6, the biochemical weapon that would kill anybody exposed to it in a short amount of time.

Steiner became a top priority target during the war and was ultimately taken down by Alex Mason while believing himself to be Viktor Reznov. Steiner was partly responsible for manipulating Alex Mason into becoming a sleeper agent that would turn against his fellow soldiers.

3.Raul Menendez

Black Ops 2 was a fantastic sequel and game in general. It took everything that was good about the previous game and amplified it by a factor of 1000. The game, which now takes place in a future environment with drones, brand new weaponry, and stunning settings, has introduced a new villain with strong ties to the plot and characters from Black Ops 1. His name was Raul Menendez, and he wasn’t a force to be reckoned with.

He had distinct reasons that made sense within the context of the tale. While not on the same level as Makarov, he established himself as a memorable villain.

2.Vladimir Makarov

Shepherd was killed off in Modern Warfare 2. Players, on the other hand, still had Makarov to contend with. He’s basically the original Modern Warfare trilogy’s ultimate villain. Makarov’s heinous crimes are regarded as among the most heinous ever committed by a villain in a Call of Duty game.

Makarov was a nightmare to deal with, from the airport assignment through murdering Soap. He was always able to flee when the characters were on the verge of taking him down. It’ll be very interesting to see if Makarov makes a return in a sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot so players can get revenge on him once again.

1.General Shepherd

Shepherd is one of the most well-known video game antagonists. The betrayal sequence in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the franchise’s most famous scenes, and it was the first big plot surprise in a Call of Duty campaign that players remembered.

It’s a twist that fans are still talking about today. While many people will never forgive Shepherd for betraying Ghost and Roach, no one can deny how good he was at making himself appear trustworthy. In the end, gamers were able to exact the most gratifying vengeance on him as Soap.

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