13 tips to win Clash Squad all matches easily in Free Fire August 2021


Clash squad rank match is very important for gamers. Today we will show the idea to win every clash squad matches 4vs4 in the garena free fire easily.

Free Fire is most known for its Battle Royale mode, but its Clash Squad game has grown in popularity over time. Players are pitted against one another in 4v4 battle in Free Fire’s famed multiplayer mode.

In Clash Squad mode, each battle is played across a limited area and consists of many rounds. The team that wins the most rounds is considered the winner. However, getting Booyah in CS mode has been difficult due to the in-game competition. In a CS mode game in Free Fire, players must consider things such as skill set, character selections, excellent weaponry, team assistance, and more.

Free Fire Clash Squad mode: How to win the 4v4 mode with ease

Character choice is crucial

In Free Fire, certain characters are better suited to certain playstyles. As a result, players should keep this in mind while choosing a character for the CS mode. In CS mode, battles are played in densely populated regions. As a result, players frequently employ an aggressive approach rather than a defensive one. Characters like as Alok, K, A124, Jota, Wukong, and others are appropriate for this style. Gamers may also utilize several talents on a single character by combining them in the right way (One active and three passive abilities).

Try to win the first round with skills

In the first round, mobility and survival abilities are more important than weaponry. In most cases, players do not have enough money in the first round to acquire a quality weapon. To win the first round, gamers need refine their skills and make full use of their character powers. A round victory earns you additional money, which you may use to buy a stronger weapon in the next round.

Select best

You may achieve the best result by making the best decision. Select the best weapon to win before starting the clash squad mode. As a result, use the G18 pistol in the first round since it has a faster fire rate than the M500.

Choose a decent weapon combination

Before each round in Clash Squad mode, players can pick their weapons and other equipment. If they have adequate money, they should make good decisions that are suitable for close-range combat. Because of their short-range characteristics, SMGs and shotguns should be chosen over other weapons. Weapons such as the Mag-7, UMP Thompson, MP5, M1014, and others are available to players.

Team support and coordination are a must

In Clash Squad mode, players frequently employ rush play approaches. As a result, in CS mode, team assistance and cooperation are critical. Because coordination is difficult to come by in random teams, gamers should play with their usual team or buddies.

Focus on surviving more than killing

During each round of Clash Squad mode, players should prioritize survival above destroying adversaries. Players who can overcome early losses and persevere through each circumstance will eventually outnumber their opponents. Players should also concentrate on winning a single round rather than the entire game. They will be able to play each round with less stress as a result.

Don’t play with

Don’t play with random or unknown players in the clash squad of free fire if you want to get booyah in every match. Because a random partner may not be able to assist you on the battlefield. They don’t seem to want to work with you or communicate with you. As a result, you’ll feel powerless during the game. As a result, pick the best team you’re familiar with.

Use dollar in best items

A weapon for clash squad battles is purchased with the dollar. As a result, you should put them to the greatest possible use in terms of firearms and equipment. Use your money to help a colleague as well.
If a teammate need additional equipment, such as a vest or helmet, please let us know. To win every battle in free fire clash squad mode, assist them by providing your skills.

Target IGL

One player on each squad serves as the IGL, directing their teammates. As a result, if you kill the leader, defeating the rest will be simple. To get booyah in the clash squad matches as fast is possible, try to focus on the IGL as much as possible.

Smoke! Smoke!

Smoke grenades may be purchased with a dollar or a ‘clash squad point’ in clash squad. As a result, smoke grenades should be used in every circumstance. Either to resurrect a comrade or to assume a cover position.

Don’t do mistake

Most players make the mistake of attempting to finish off an adversary right away after knocking them down. Winning clash squad matches in free fire isn’t the best strategy. Only finish knocked enemies when there are no other enemies in the area. You’ll be killed in the free fire battleground if you don’t.

Rush strategy

Make a group that will always play together in every game. If you can effectively identify your reliable team, it will be much easier to devise plans and methods to defeat your adversaries. Divide the roles of squad members, for example. Cover fire, rusher, and sniper are examples.

Take cover

In the free fire, taking a cover is the greatest tactic for winning matches. You may obtain a variety of objects to use as a cover in clash squad battles. Boundaries, walls, trees, and many others are examples. So, instead of being clever, battle quietly.

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