3 best Free Fire characters combinations with DJ Alok to get maximum wins for rank push


InĀ Free Fire, players can combine the abilities of multiple characters (character combinations), including one active and three passive ones. Creating appropriate combos can be pretty helpful for players and increase their chances of getting the Booyah!

DJ Alok (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok is considered the best character in the game, and his ability allows him to create a 5m aura that enhances ally movement speed by 10%. In addition, 5 HP is recovered, with these benefits lasting 5 seconds.

As the character progresses to his highest level, the duration increases to 10 seconds and the speed increases by 15%.

Note: This article is based on the author’s personal preferences, and no characters have been repeated in order to provide players a wider range of choices. Users can combine characters to create unique combinations based on their tastes and playing styles.

DJ Alok’s top three Free Fire character combinations are: 1) DJ Alok + Jota + Jai + Hayato; 2) DJ Alok + Jota + Jai + Hayato; 3) DJ Alok + Jota + Jai

Jota (Image via Free Fire)

Jota: Sustained Raids

Jai: Raging Reload

Hayato: Bushido

Jai (Image via Free Fire)

After killing a foe with either Submachine Guns (SMGs) or Shotguns, Jota has an ability called “Sustained Raids,” which grants players 40 health (SGs). It’s worth mentioning that this ability has a five-second cooldown.

Jai’s passive ability, Raging Reload, is limited to weapons in the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG categories. It automatically reloads a gun of the previously described classes by 45 percent of its maximum magazine storage once gamers knock down a foe.

Hayato (Image via Free Fire)

When using Hayato’s Bushido, the armor penetration will increase by 10% for every 10% loss in the maximum HP. The frontal damage is lowered as well if the user has the awakened version of the character.

2) DJ Alok + D-bee + Luqueta + Moco

D-bee (Image via Free Fire)

Bullet Beats by D-bee Hat Trick for Luqueta Hacker’s Eye (Moco)
D-bee is the newest addition to Garena’s battle royale phenomenon. When the players are firing while moving, its passive ability increases movement speed and accuracy by 15% and 35%, respectively.

Luqueta (Image via Free Fire)

If the Hat Trick skill is equipped, players can enhance their maximum HP by 18 to 35 by obtaining a kill. As a result, users’ maximum health will climb to 235 after two kills.

For five seconds, Hacker’s Eye tags enemies shot. Teammates are also informed of the enemy’s location, allowing the entire squad to make their move.

Laura (Image via Free Fire)

Laura is a skilled shooter. Shirou: Damage DeliveredShirou: Partying On
While scoped in, the players’ accuracy is increased by 35% thanks to Laura’s Sharp Shooter talent. As a result, they will become more precise in fighting with their opponents.

Dasha (Image via Free Fire)

Dasha’s skill reduces the amount of damage taken by falls by 50% and the time it takes to recover from them by 80%. Furthermore, the rate of recoil accumulation and maximum recoil have been lowered by 10%.

Shirou (Image via Free Fire)

Using the Damage Delivered ability of Shirou, a foe within 80m is tagged for 6 seconds when they hit the player. The first shot on them has 100% increased armor penetration, and this skill has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

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