3 greatest websites to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire


Diamonds, Free Fire’s in-game currency, are used to purchase a range of items in this battle royale game.

Diamonds are not given away for free; players must pay actual money to obtain them. They can buy this in-game currency directly from the game or go to services that provide tempting bonuses for topping up.

Best websites to top up Free Fire diamonds

These are three excellent options for players to consider:

1) Games Kharido

This is the most popular website for topping up diamonds in Free Fire. Players who buy diamonds for the first time get a 100% top-up bonus.

They can follow these steps to use Games Kharido:

(1) Gamers must first visit the official Games Kharido website, which can be found here.
(2) After selecting the Free Fire option, they must log in using Facebook or their Free Fire Player ID.
(3) Players can select the number of diamonds they want and pay for them.


SEAGM (Sea Gamer Mall) is one of the most popular websites for topping up diamonds in Free Fire. While purchasing, players can get SEAGM credits and extra diamonds.

They can use SEAGM by following these steps:

(1) Gamers can go to SEAGM by clicking here.
(2) They must select “DIRECT TOP UP” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
(3) From the list that appears, users should choose Free Fire diamonds.
(4) They must choose how many diamonds they want and input their Free Fire ID.
(5) Players must select “Buy Now” and complete the required payments.

3) Codashop

Gamers may save money by purchasing Free Fire gems from Codashop. This website is also a popular option, and they can use it by following these steps:

(1) They can visit the Codashop website by clicking this link.
(2) After tapping the Free Fire option, players must provide their Player ID.
(3) They should make the payment after picking the needed quantity of diamonds to ensure that the top up is successful.

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