3 ways to make the most of gloo walls in a 1v4 situation in Free Fire


Gloo walls are a lifesaver in Free Fire. It is the game’s most versatile item. Players can utilize them to attack, defend, and even scale structures to gain a better vantage point.

Gloo walls can give players a tactical advantage in 1v4 or solo vs squad situations, allowing them to simply wipe out teams. Readers may learn how to master this weapon and unleash its full potential by following a few tips.

In Free Fire, the 360° gloo wall tactic can help in a 1v4 situation (and 2 more tips)

1) Using gloo walls to isolate players from their teammates by trapping them within buildings.

Using gloo walls to confine players inside constructions during a 1v4 battle in Free Fire is one of the finest methods to use the item. While this may not appear to be much, if done right, the adversary will be isolated and cut off from the rest of the squad.

Once an adversary has been cornered, their comrades will attempt to free him. Players can easily set up an ambush during this period and wipe out the other players. Players can also take their time and eliminate the player if the enemy’s team is not around.

2) The gloo wall can be utilized to isolate players during close-range combat.

Most fights in Free Fire begin with opponents or players rushing into battle. During the rush phase, players can use gloo walls to isolate and eliminate an opposing teammate who has rushed out too far.

While this is a hazardous technique, if executed correctly, it will eliminate one opposing teammate from the combat before it even begins.

3) Use the 360° gloo wall trick for extra protection

In the heat of battle, the opposition team will occasionally manage to completely encircle the player. In the vast majority of cases, this would result in a speedy elimination. Players can fight back and possibly even get a squad wipe if they use one basic tactic.

In Free Fire, players can get quick protection from incoming fire and plan ahead by using the 360° gloo wall trick. While the gloo barriers won’t endure long under relentless firing, a few small moments of rest can be exploited.

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