5 best Free Fire characters to obtain for less than 500 diamonds in September 2021


Characters in Free Fire have unique abilities, making them a valuable asset that most players want to obtain. There are over 40 of them available, and they can buy them directly from the in-game store.

Diamonds, the game’s premium in-game currency, are required for the game’s most valuable characters, which must be purchased with real money. Gamers seek out the best options because they are extremely valuable.

Five most potent Free Fire characters under 500 diamonds

5) Jota

Jota (Image via Free Fire)

499 diamonds for the price of 499 diamonds Sustained Raids is a skill.
Jota is an excellent choice for players looking to spend less than 500 diamonds on a character. He most likely has the best passive ability in the game, and users can use him in appropriate character combinations.

After hitting an enemy with a gun in Sustained Raids, players will regain HP. In addition, killing a foe will replenish 20% of your HP.

4) A124

A124 (Image via Free Fire)

499 diamonds for the price of 499 diamonds Ability: Thrill of Battle A124 is the next entry on this list, and Thrill of Battle is quite effective when combined with the right combination. When you activate it, 60 EP will be converted to HP in 4 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

To make the most of this ability, users can pair her with characters such as Miguel.

3) Xayne

Xayne (Image via Free Fire)

499 diamonds for the price of 499 diamonds Xtreme Encounter is a skill.
Xayne is ideal for users who prefer fast-paced gameplay. The character’s active ability temporarily grants players 80 HP, which decays over time. There is also a 100% increase in damage to gloo walls and shields, and both effects last for 10 seconds.

This active ability, like the others, has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

2) Skyler

Skyler (Image via Free Fire)

Riptide Rhythm is a skill. 499 diamonds for the price of 499 diamonds
Skyler is Song-Tung MTP’s in-game persona, and she was added to the game in February as part of a collaboration. The character’s ability sends a sonic wave forward, damaging five gloo walls within a 100m radius. Riptide Rhythm has a cooldown time of 40 seconds.

Furthermore, each gloo wall deployed by users will result in HP recovery beginning at 9 points.

1) Wukong

Wukong (Image via Free Fire)

499 diamonds for the price of 499 diamonds Camouflage Wukong takes the top spot on this list and is the best option to buy for less than 500 diamonds. Camouflage is ideal for the Clash Squad mode, as it allows users to transform into bushes for 15 seconds.

It should be noted that when users attack an enemy, the transformation is halted. There is a 200-second cooldown, but it is reset when you get a kill.

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