5 best Free Fire pets to pair with DJ Alok in November 2021


In Free Fire, each character has a unique power that can be used to gain an advantage on the battlefield and earn the Booyah.

DJ Alok is the best character in the game because of his ability to Drop the Beat. When activated, an aura appears that restores 5 HP per second while also increasing movement speed by 15%. It lasts 10 seconds before starting a 45-second cooling phase.

Pets, like players, have unique abilities that can influence gameplay. Those who utilize DJ Alok look for the best pet to go along with the persona.

Note: Pet selection is dependent on personal preference, and the ones listed below are the writer’s personal favorites.

Spirit Fox has the Well Fed ability (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Well-Fed
Spirit The fifth pet on this list is the Fox, which is a fantastic pet to utilize in Free Fire. Its Well Fed ability comes in helpful throughout the game because it gives you four more HP when you use medkits. The number increases to 10 after achieving the greatest level, implying that users receive 85 health every medkit.

4) Beaston

Beaston raises the throwing distance (Image via Free Fire)

Helping Hand is a skill.
Beaston is an excellent pet to have because it boosts the effectiveness of throwable objects like grenades, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. All of these items’ throwing distance increases by 10% while the pet is equipped, and it increases by 30% at maximum potential.

3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda is a good choice for players (Image via Free Fire)

Panda’s Blessings is a skill.
In Garena Free Fire, Detective Panda has Panda’s Blessings, and each kill restores four health points to the user. Users will receive 10 HP instead when the pet hits its maximum ability level. The importance of regaining health during a match cannot be overstated.

2) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor can be efficiently used by players in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Smooth Gloo

Another brilliant option in the game is Mr. Waggor, which, when no Gloo Walls are present, generates a gloo wall every 120 seconds due to its unique skill. At ability level three, one gloo wall is produced every 100 seconds when players have less than two gloo wall grenades.

1) Rockie

Rockie is the best pet to pair alongside Alok in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok’s pet, Rockie, is likely the best pet that users can utilize with characters who have active powers. Stay Chill reduces the cooldown period of equipped active abilities by 6%, eventually reaching 15% at maximum. Players will have to wait less time for Alok’s skill to activate as a result of this.

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