5 best landing spots in Free Fire’s Bermuda map for passive players


Bermuda is Free Fire’s most popular Battle Royale map. When it comes to pushing their ranks in the mobile game, players prefer this map the most.

Bimasakti Strip and Pochinok are two popular Bermuda destinations. These landing sites, on the other hand, are intended for more aggressive players. This article will go through some of Bermuda’s lesser-known landing sites so that Free Fire gamers can excel in passive gameplay.

The best landing spots for passive Free Fire players in Bermuda are: 1) the Observatory

This region is found in the map’s northern outskirts. The cluster of houses on the northern side of the road might provide decent rewards for players.

Players can even cross the river to Plantation in search of extra riches. They can also choose to camp and keep a low profile by doing so. 2) The Riverbank

Sentosa is a distinct island off the coast of Bermuda, at the bottom right corner. In Free Fire, passive players can land here and obtain good rewards.

They must, however, be cautious and cross the bridge to the main map as quickly as possible, as they may not have enough time if the zone begins to shrink. Pochinok is reached via one bridge, while Cape Town is reached via the other.

4) Hit the bullseye

Bullseye may be found in the map’s upper left corner. Players can acquire the necessary resources and set up camp for a while before heading to Shipyard for more goodies.

Free Fire players can now go to Graveyard in pursuit of more treasure. If they wish to camp and wait till the zone reduces to a smaller area, Plantation is another nice option.

On the Free Fire map, this location is towards the bottom left corner. Although there are fewer houses to pillage, players can still gather the essentials for survival.

Because it is a less popular area, passive players are more likely to choose it. If players are attacked, there are enough hiding spots for them to seek refuge.

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