5 best passive character and Free Fire pet combinations


In Free Fire, characters and pets are given unique powers that have a significant impact on the entire gameplay. Using diamonds and gold, players can acquire a variety of characters from the shop. Pets, on the other hand, are only available for purchase with premium in-game currency.

After each update, new characters and pets are added on a regular basis, the most recent being Yeti and Nairi. Here are some of the best character and pet pairings in Free Fire.

Best Free Fire pets

5) Beaston

Beaston (Image via Free Fire)

Beaston can assist with the utility items, as their throwing distance will be greatly increased. This affects Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade, and increases the distance by 10% at the basic level.

Users will be able to place Gloo Walls even further and throw grenades from a wider distance as a result of this. Furthermore, at the highest level, the 30 percent increase in distance is quite significant.

4) Dr. Beanie

Dr. Beanie (Image via Free Fire)

When gamers are in the crouch position, Dr. Beanies Dashy Duckwalk effectively enhances their movement speed by 30%. It’s useful when they’re within a complex or a house and want to ambush their adversaries.

Users can utilize this to sneak up on their opponents and catch them off guard, allowing them to be eliminated. Alternatively, it can be utilized to quickly move around while crouching so that opponents are unaware of your location.

3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda (Image via Free Fire)

The ability to refill health is always a welcome perk because it can improve a player’s overall performance. Every kill will restore 4 HP to the user. It may not seem like much, but at the highest level, they will gain 10 HP, which can make all the difference in close battle.

Assume that gamers are already utilizing a character like Jota, who recovers HP after a knock. In that situation, this pet can be an excellent match because they will get an additional 10 HP after defeating the adversaries.

2) Falco

Falco (Image via Free Fire)

In Battle Royale mode, it is recommended that players have at least one Falco team. Falco provides a 15% increase in gliding speed and a 25% increase in gliding speed when the parachute is opened, allowing users to glide to the ground quickly.

Landing quickly isn’t the best perk, but it’s well worth it during the hot drops. Furthermore, its effects are applied to the entire team, and having this pet is not essential for all users. They must, however, avoid it entirely in Clash Squad mode.

Mr. Waggor is number one.

Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)

Gloo Wall is a great utility item that can lend cover in the open fields. This pet can be influential in Battle Royale mode during the last few zones. Moreover, Mr. Waggor was named the most carried pet within the game, as announced during the 4th Anniversary celebrations.

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