5 best ways for using grenade in free fire


Learn the 5 best ways for using grenade in free fire with YouTube videos.

Although many people believe that gloo walls are the best tactical item to utilize in Free Fire, the truth is that smoke grenades are somewhat better. They don’t require as many placement abilities, and players can quickly deploy them.

They also provide practically all of the advantages that a gloo wall does. Even casual gamers and beginners can learn how to use them like an expert.

Top 5 Smoke Grenades Uses in Free Fire 5) Perplex the adversary
In Free Fire, one of the most fundamental uses of a smoke grenade is to confuse the enemy. Throwing a smoke grenade at an enemy who is rushing or camping can make them worry since their line of sight is broken.

Campers will be concerned about being flanked, while rushers will be forced to pause and reconsider their preparations. By just throwing a smoke grenade adjacent to an opponent’s location during an encounter, you can cause them to fear and worry about a rush.

4) Provides extra protection in a pinch.
Smoke grenades, along with gloo barriers, are an excellent tactic to deploy during a rush in Free Fire. Smoke grenades can provide a tactical advantage by obscuring the line of sight, while gloo walls provide cover and protection from gunshots.

Under the cover of the fog, players can sneak up behind their opponents and execute flanking attacks or simply sneak up close and kill them at point-blank range.

3) Quick recovery
When players are being pursued by an opponent and have low health, using a smoke grenade and hiding within the smoke to heal is advantageous for a variety of reasons.

For starters, opponents lack a clear line of sight from which to fire, and the guns’ reticle does not light up to indicate the presence of a target within the cloud. Furthermore, opponent players are wary about vanishing into the smoke in the event of a counterattack.

2) Fire from within the smoke
Many Free Fire players are unaware that smoke may be used for more than simply shoot protection; it can also be used to fire at hostile players. Rather than simply hiding in the fog, a player can see through it and shoot at their opponents if they aim down sight.

When you’re stuck in an open environment with no cover or gloo walls nearby, this strategy comes in handy. Players can counterattack and swing the tide of combat in their favor, in addition to shooting, due to the chaos of the time.

1) Good for escaping

When everything else fails and the opponent gains the upper hand during an engagement, participants in Free Fire may have no choice but to flee. While most players just use gloo walls for cover while fleeing, deploying smoke grenades with them is the most effective choice.

As previously stated, opponents cannot acquire targets automatically under the cloud and would waste bullets if they fire aimlessly. Players will also not be injured by stray gunfire when used in conjunction with gloo walls, allowing them to remain entirely unseen to the opponent while escaping.

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