5 big distinctions between PUBG New State and BGMI that Indian gamers should be aware of


The global premiere of PUBG New State is just a few days away, and fans are eager to see everything the new game has to offer. BGMI was well-received, but fans are anticipating more features in the upcoming sequel.

PUBG New State appears to be a good game, and gamers have already participated in testing. While it may be a successor to BGMI, the developers make it clear that they want to provide gamers with an entirely distinct gameplay experience.

Here are a few things that set PUBG New State apart from BGMI.

There are five significant changes between PUBG New State and BGMI.

1) Futuristic gadgets

Players will be able to interact with a variety of gadgets and objects in PUBG New State in order to get an advantage during gunfights. Since PUBG New State is set in 2051, these gadgets are new to the game.

It is apparent that the developers want to provide players with a unique gaming experience by requiring them to adapt and execute different techniques in order to win games. However, these devices and equipment are now unavailable at BGMI.

2) Difference in maps

Troi, a new map in PUBG New State, will be available. Because the game is set in the future, this will be a futuristic map. This map is 64 square kilometers in size, which is quite large for a combat royale.

PUBG New State’s map, Troi (Image via Krafton)

While it may be compared to Erangel by BGMI players, the maps will be considerably different due to the future scenario. The type of interactable objects that will be featured in Troi is another feature.

3) Setting

PUBG New State takes place in 2051, whereas BGMI’s maps aren’t futuristic and appear to be based in the present day. As a result, PUBG New State will be unlike BGMI in that it will have future components that will provide a completely new gaming experience.

PUBG New State is set in 2051 (Image via Krafton)

4) Customization of weapons

Players in the BGMI don’t have access to weapon customization, thus they’ll have to utilize the weapons as they’ve been created. Players in PUBG: New State will be able to personalize their weapons utilizing a customisation kit. Not all of the guns in PUBG New State can be customized.

Only a few guns have the ability to be customized, including attachments like as grips and optics. The weapons are mostly customized to increase damage and improve recoil control.

The customizing kits come in a variety of weapon classes. There are modification kits for assault rifles and SMGs, but the game also includes a universal customization kit that can be used on any weapon class.

5) Transportation

PUBG New State vehicle- Volta (image via Krafton)

New vehicles will be available in PUBG New State to help players complete rotations faster. Vehicles like the Volta, Nova, and Lightning have better durability and speed than their predecessors.

The EV-AX is a vast improvement over the Old Buggy. This vehicle has a top speed of 153 kilometers per hour and explodes after 52 hits from an M249 machine gun. Furthermore, the trunk capacity is 200 liters, which is the same as the Old Buggy.

Lightning is a new electric sport bike that will appear in the PUBG New State expansion. The motorcycle has a top speed of 141 kmph and a trunk capacity of 150 liters. This bike has a modest advantage over the Old Motorbike in terms of durability.

The Volta is a PUBG New State electric automobile with a top speed of 128 kmph. The truck explodes after 60 M249 hits and has a 500-pound trunk capacity. Nova is a supercar with a top speed of 151 kmph and a 300-liter trunk. The car’s scorching speed makes it impossible to control.

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