5 exercises performed by India’s fittest cricket players


The Indian cricket team is a fit-looking bunch. From Virat Kohli’s muscled quadriceps and Hardik Pandya’s abs to MS Dhoni’s sleeve-splitting biceps, these cricketers have been some of the players who have set the fitness standards pretty high.

Batsmen and bowlers have different workouts that target specific muscle groups. However, the use of compound movements such as squats, cleans, and deadlifts build power and explosiveness and in turn, helps the players perform their max on the cricket field.

This article takes a look at some of the major exercises that some of India’s fittest cricket players perform.

#1 Power snatch

A complete body movement that Virat Kohli swore by and called it his favorite exercise. Over the years, Kohli has perfected the technique that has helped him stay at his fittest best.

Squats, cardio, one-arm pushups, hanging leg raises and crunches are some of the other major movements he performs to stay fit.

#2 Walking lunges with dumbbell- A cricket staple

One of MS Dhoni’s workout staples is the walking lunge that has contributed to his strength and stamina behind the stumps. His other favorite exercises include V-grip pulldowns, machine rows and single-leg deadlifts.

#3 Hip thrusts for Mayank Agarwal

The Karnataka batsman has built a physique that showcases his fitness levels. In a string of workout videos the cricketer has uploaded on social media, the hip thrusts stand out as one of the key moments. His other movements include squats, deadlifts, weighted crunches, and front squats.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda, Agarwal stressed the importance of staying fit even during the pandemic.

“To be honest, when there was a lockdown initially last year in March, we didn’t know when we were going to play again or when things would open up. The thought behind staying fit is that if you can create a routine for day-to-day life and have a strict fitness schedule, it’s only going to help you because you don’t just do fitness just for a particular tour.”

“For me, the idea has always been to get fitter and better and make it part of everyday lifestyle. So, with that mindset, it got quite a lot easier.”

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