5 low-cost Fire emotes that are genuinely useful


Fire emotes are a fun feature of the game since everyone wants to show them off. One of the reasons why many players in Garena Free Fire pay a lot of money (diamonds) for emotes is the display value.

While it is true that the more expensive emotes are the greatest in Free Fire, there are also certain emotes that are shockingly amazing for their price. As a result, players may want to consider using extra diamonds for them.

Fire emotes for free: the cheapest and most pleasant

1) Dab

Dab emote (Image via Free Fire)
emote dab (Image via Free Fire)

Description in-game

“Pay attention to my movements. C’mon!”
The Dab emote is based on a well-known dancing move that has gone viral for years. The emote is a popular item in Free Fire since it imitates the dabbing move.

For 199 diamonds, players can purchase the Dab emote from the collection in the shop.

2) Arm Wave

Arm Wave emote (Image via Free Fire)
emote ‘Arm Wave’ (Image via Free Fire)

Description in-game:

“An vital dance move for pop and hip hop dance styles.”

Like the Dab, the Arm Wave is a popular dancing move. The emote shows the maneuver that is a fundamental aspect of both major dance forms, as stated in the description. As a result, Arm Wave is a good option in Free Fire if players desire a good emote for a reasonable cost.

The Arm Wave emote costs 199 diamonds in the3) shop.

3) LOL

LOL emote (Image via Free Fire)
emote of amusement (Image via Free Fire)

Described in-game:

“Are you attempting to take my belongings while making me laugh?”

The LOL emote is one of the most popular in Free Fire, and many streamers and YouTubers have been seen utilizing it. In the shop’s collection menu, the must-have emote costs 399 diamonds.

LOL’s animation shows the player’s character laughing excessively while holding its stomach.

4) Moon Flip

Moon Flip emote (Image via Free Fire)
emote of threat (Image via Free Fire)

In-game description:

“Do you dare to challenge me?”

The Threaten emotes animation showcases a throat-slash gesture which makes it perfect for taunting enemies, especially the knocked-out ones. It costs 399 diamonds in the Free Fire store in the collection menu.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer’s opinion.

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