5 of the best free Fire emotes that were made available in 2021


Emotes are some of the most sought-after cosmetics in Free Fire, with players going to great efforts to acquire them. Garena adds new ones on a regular basis to expand the amount of possibilities available.

The developers have supplied a plethora of free things to players in 2021 via events, redemption tickets, and other means. Users were also given free access to a number of emotes. Here is a list of the top five that were released this year.

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The best free Fire emotes that were available in 20215) Emote for Chicken

This emote could be claimed using the token (Image via Free Fire)

On November 28, the FFAC finals were held, and the developers set multiple live-watching goals. All of them were crossed, and the players were given a redemption code that gave them a Brave Crystal token, among other things.

Users could redeem one of four rewards with that token, with the Chicken Emote being one of them.

4) Give It a Good Shake

Shake It Up Emote was the reward of this redeem code (Image via Free Fire)

A redemption code for the Shake It Up emote was released in August. The FFCO8BS5JW2D code was made accessible after the 200k live-watching milestone for the FFCO finals was reached.

The Shake It Up emote and 20x Green Balloon Tokens were given to those who claimed it.

Dribble King is a third-place finisher in the Dribble King competition

The event ran during the last month (Image via Free Fire)

The next game on this list is Dribble King, which was available to users during the November Booyah Day Top Up. To acquire the emote for free, players have to buy a certain quantity of diamonds, just like in any other top-up event.

The players perform an incredible dribbling movement with a ball in their hands after using the emote.

2) Push-ups with one finger

Gamers had to select between one of the four items (Image via Free Fire)

The One-finger Push Up event was another free emote offered to users this year. After the 400 thousand live watching milestone was reached during the FFIC (Free Fire India Championship) competition in October, a redemption code was given out.

The aforementioned emote was one of the goods that users could obtain with their FFIC Gold token.

1) FFWS 2021 FFWS 2021 FFWS 2021 FFWS

After 100 minutes of playtime, the emote could be earned (Image via Free Fire)

The FFWS 2021 is the best free emote supplied by Garena to its users. The legendary emote was made available as part of the Peak Day Play Time event in Free Fire on May 29.

To acquire it for free, users had to amass 100 minutes of playtime during the course of the event.

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