5 of the coolest custom tree designs in Minecraft


Trees are an unmistakable feature of most Minecraft settings.

Minecraft has a large variety of tree styles that can be found in various biomes throughout any given world seed. As a result, there are several choices for building with wood blocks.

However, after a while, standard Minecraft trees might get tedious. As a result, many Minecraft players have begun to design and construct their own trees.

Here are a few of the most creative Minecraft tree designs.

5 great custom tree designs for Minecraft

#5 – Makeshift Willow

Makeshift Willow

The leaves of a willow tree droop down toward the ground rather than thrusting up or out of a branch. They’re lovely, but they’re not available in the vanilla version of Minecraft. Fortunately, they are relatively simple to construct in the game.

The addition of vines that hang from tree leaves mimics the appearance of real willow trees. Some trees, such as those in swamp or jungle biomes, organically sprout in this manner. Willow trees, on the other hand, are frequently fairly large, therefore gamers may make them stand out by making them much larger than a regular Minecraft tree.

Of course, gamers could also do this to an existing tree. In fact, if desired, an entire forest can be turned into willow trees.

#4 – Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

A Minecraft Christmas tree can be a pleasant design for people that celebrate the holiday.

Christmas trees are either cone-shaped or triangle-shaped, and they are often adorned with ornaments and other decorations. Building a Christmas tree in Minecraft may add color to a conventional green and brown tree palette thanks to the enormous variety of ornament bricks available in the game.

Building a Christmas tree on a Minecraft server will undoubtedly put gamers in the festive spirit.

#3 – Palm Tree

Palm Tree

With all of Minecraft’s incredibly diversified biomes and different types of trees, it’s odd that the tropical palm tree isn’t one of them.

Palm plants are found in hot climates around the world. Minecraft players might construct palm trees in deserts, where there are typically no trees to be found.

The palm tree depicted above has a trunk foundation made of old rubbish. This is the most accurate representation of what palm trees look like in real life. Ancient trash, on the other hand, is a rare and valuable resource that gamers may want to save for more utilitarian purposes. A nice option may be jungle wood, and players can experiment to see if stripped wooden blocks or planks would look best in their design.

If enough players request it, the Minecraft game developers may consider incorporating palm trees into the game in the future. They might be able to grow on beaches near ocean biomes.

#2 – Mushroom Tree

Mushroom Tree

This mushroom tree design on YouTube by fWhip is a fantastic custom tree that Minecraft players may create in their worlds.

Given the dark oak and mushroom blocks, this very cute mushroom tree appears to be influenced by the looks of a dark woodland environment. This bespoke design, on the other hand, offers the tree more individuality and character.

The usage of fences is an interesting feature of this tree design. Placing fences made of the same wood on the trunk blocks gives the appearance of skinnier branches. This realistic tree design is well worth a shot.

#1 – Seasonal Trees

Seasonal Trees

Despite the fact that Minecraft has many elements based on real-life ecosystems and natural behavior, one key part of the real world that it lacks is the changing of the seasons. Players can travel across practically every biome and experience a variety of weather conditions, but there are no seasonal variations in these biomes. As a result, the seasonal Minecraft tree design is by far the greatest.

Trees that vary to represent the four seasons may make any Minecraft world feel significantly more natural. The winter tree, with its distinct look, is perhaps the most intriguing of these custom trees. Players can decorate the tree with gorgeous elements such as icicles to give it a chilly winter vibe.

MegRae on YouTube has prepared a tutorial showing how to include bespoke trees inspired by the four seasons into a Minecraft setting. Look it up here:

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