5 of the finest Android games with low system requirements, such as Free Fire Max


India’s Battle Royale fans are anxiously anticipating the arrival of Free Fire Max. Pre-registration is available for players who are looking forward to the game.

Many Android smartphone owners are concerned about whether or not Free Fire Max will work with their devices. Players can test out the games listed below that do not have high device requirements before the title is released.

Android games like Free Fire Max with low device requirements

1) Blood Rivals – Survival Battleground FPS Shooter

Free Fire players will enjoy this survival game, despite the fact that it is a first-person shooter. The game’s graphics and controls are both good.

The range of weapons supplied by this game is vast, ranging from assault rifles to submachine guns. Players can get the game by clicking here.

2) MaskGun – Online multiplayer FPS shooting gun game

MaskGun also boasts a cast of one-of-a-kind characters, such as Free Fire Max. The game features over 40 current combat weaponry for players to choose from.

Deathmatch, Rumble, and other modes are available for gamers to enjoy with their friends. Players will undoubtedly be reminded of the Garena classic by the dynamic graphics and vivid backdrop.

3) Battlelands Royale

The game is the best Battle Royale Game for both kids and teens to play. The characters in this game are reminiscent of the little Free Fire figures.

Battle Royale bouts last about five minutes and can accommodate up to 32 people. It is available for download here.

4) Hero Hunters

In this game, the heroes have unique skills similar to those of the Free Fire characters. These skills can be used by players to help them win matches in the game.

Hero Hunters successfully blends fantasy and realism, making it more engaging. The best feature of the game is that players can switch Heroes in the middle of a battle.

5) Badlanders

Despite the fact that this is a sci-fi FPS, the ultimate goal of shooting adversaries for survival is the same as in Free Fire Max. Players can get the game by clicking here.

Recruit, Assault, Saboteur, and Tank are the four classes available to players. They can also invite their pals to play Team Deathmatches with them.

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