5 of the greatest shooting games with online matchmaking like Free Fire


Free Fire is noted for its compatibility with a wide range of devices and low system requirements. Free Fire, unlike other Battle Royale games, has 50 players and bouts last 20 minutes. Players can compete in 4v4 head-to-head battles in the Free Fire clash squad mode.

Due to the popularity of the battle royale and online multiplayer genres, a number of games include an online matchmaking option.

Top games like Free Fire that have online matchmaking feature
1) COD Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile lives up to the COD name. COD Mobile features 100-player Battle Royale and 5v5 TDMs. The online multiplayer maps include some well-known locations from Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

For Android users, the game size is 2.7 GB. Although the game is a little on the heavier side, it is worth a shot.

2) Battlegrounds Mobile India

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The special PUBG Mobile for Indians, Battlegrounds Mobile India, will be released soon. The 100-player battle royale game can be played in a variety of modes and on a variety of maps.

Players can play single, duos, or squads in BGMI, just like they can in PUBG Mobile.

3) Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online
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Modern Strike Online features PC-quality visuals and simple controls on a mobile device. TDM, Deathmatch, Special Ops, and Plant A Bomb Battle are among the game’s action-packed modes.

5v5 fights can be played online with friends. Modern Strike features a large arsenal of weaponry to choose from.

4) Critical Ops

TDM, Gun Game, and Defuse modes are available in Critical Ops. Players can form teams with their friends and compete against other teams. Quick, Ranked, and Custom matches are available in the FPS game. For all three categories, matchmaking is enabled.

Players may expect good graphics and a smooth gaming experience because the game was designed specifically for mobile devices.

5) Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends’ artwork and backdrop will undoubtedly appeal to sci-fi fans. Over 700 futuristic firearms and ultra-modern armors are featured in the game, along with robotic people.

The FPS shooter includes online 1v1 duels and 4v4 multiplayer combat in addition to the campaign mode.
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