5 of the most amusing characters from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Although GTA San Andreas isn’t primarily a comedy game, it does so brilliantly in a number of storyline situations. It’s one thing to have an amusing character, but these people stand out for their sense of humor.

Still, with a list like this, there are enough of GTA San Andreas characters to select from. Good writing goes a long way toward making anything interesting, and these GTA San Andreas characters by Rockstar Games hit it out of the park.

The five most amusing characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

5) Officer Tenpenny

Officer Tenpenny is a funny character who understands how to aggravate CJ and who frequently collaborates with Officer Pulaski in some of GTA San Andreas’ most humorous situations.

Officer Tenpenny, unlike other hilarious GTA San Andreas characters, is a serious figure who only cracks a joke now and again. His jokes, on the other hand, are fantastic, especially considering how hypocritical they may be at times.

4) Ryder

Ryder is, in many respects, like a bumbling friend who can be entertaining at times. His idiocy is amusing to laugh at, especially when other characters in GTA San Andreas are quick to call it out.

His conversation with CJ is particularly enjoyable to hear at the start of the game, making his final treachery all the more regrettable.

3) Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno will be remembered by most players for his amusing phone calls to CJ while the latter was delaying flight school. His motivational talks to Carl are quite hilarious, especially given the absurdity of the circumstance in light of CJ’s mission.

Aside from those infamous phone conversations, Mike Toreno occasionally makes a witty offhanded remark about US government policy that does not come across as forced parody. Mike Toreno excels at satire, which goes a long way toward making a character excellent.

2) Big Smoke

Big Smoke is one of the few GTA characters to gain popularity as a meme. He is, unsurprisingly, a very entertaining character who provides comic relief and occasionally uses his weight as a punchline.

His presence in GTA San Andreas are made all the more entertaining by his iconic quotes and distinctive character. Furthermore, some of the inadvertent quotes, such as “All we had to do, CJ, was follow the darn train!” will live on in infamy.

1) CJ

CJ, the protagonist in the gameĀ 

While Big Smoke is more amusing than CJ when he arrives, the latter is the main protagonist, therefore players will hear more of his amusing voice lines. Even silly voice lines like “I despise gravity” are fun to hear now and again.

CJ is, of course, a little caustic at times, which allows him to play well with the other GTA San Andreas characters. It also helps that CJ, unlike some other funny characters, never falls into the unbearably unfunny category.

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