5 of the most enjoyable final missions in the Grand Theft Auto series


The GTA series includes a variety of memorable endings that feature significant plot developments and great gameplay. There are currently 16 games in the series, and some of them have several endings.

GTA finales are usually filled with enormous shootouts and thrilling pursuit scenes, but this isn’t always the case.

This article looks at some of the best final missions in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The GTA series concludes with five fantastic closing missions.

5 – A Revenger’s Tragedy (GTA 4)

One of the most intriguing aspects of GTA 4 is that neither of its endings is acknowledged to be canon.

A Revenger’s Tragedy is the conclusion that occurs when the player selects the Deal ending (which results in Roman’s tragic death).

It’s an intriguing ending in which one antagonist is killed by another (Dimitri Rascalov kills Jimmy Pegorino). Of course, Niko must pursue Dimitri for quite some time (longer than most chase scenes in GTA finales).

Niko eventually catches up to Dimitri and murders him in retaliation for all of the betrayals he’s suffered at the hands of the latter.

#4 – Departure Time (GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony)

The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC for GTA 4 was a return to the wild shenanigans that GTA San Andreas fans adored. The game’s ending is less serious than GTA IV’s, as it begins with Luis heading to an amusement park to destroy heroin-filled duck bins.

Later, the situation develops to Luis having to get rid of Timur and being at an airport in two hours. Luis then gets on a bike, chases after a plane, and murders Bulgarin aboard it. The plane explodes, and Luis leaps out alive and healthy with a parachute.

#3 – The Third Way (GTA 5)

The Third Way is the game’s canon ending and undoubtedly the most interesting finale. The other two finales are straightforward, with either Michael or Trevor being pursued and finally killed.

In comparison, The Third Way in GTA 5 ties up all of the loose ends. Because all of the key adversaries get what they deserve, this last quest has more goals than normal.

#2 – Keep Your Friends Close… (GTA Vice City)

Lance Vance’s defection comes as a surprise to GTA Vice City players. Even if a player disregards that component of Keep Your Friends Close…, the quest remains a worthy conclusion.

Tommy Vercetti must gun down swarms of Sonny Forelli’s goons before ascending to the roof to eliminate the traitor, Lance Vance, in this mission. He then returns downstairs and murders Forelli.

After all is said and done, Tommy Vercetti is without a doubt the kingpin of Vice City.

#1 – End of the Line (GTA San Andreas)

End of the Line, like The Third Way, wraps up all loose ends in GTA San Andreas’ plot. The deaths of Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny make Los Santos a better place, but it’s the mission itself that’s thrilling.

Big Smoke’s crack palace has a wide interior to cross, and various gang members try to obstruct CJ’s progress. He goes through all of them and kills Big Smoke after their duel.

There’s also an intriguing pursuit sequence with Officer Tenpenny, who manages to murder himself by driving recklessly near Grove Street.

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