5 pointers for Free Fire players to improve their win ratio in ranked mode


It is not easy to win a Battle Royale game in Garena Free Fire. To be the last man/squad standing, players must survive the shrinking safe zone and eliminate opponents.

It may appear to be a simple task, but the game is filled with intense action throughout, and a small mistake can cause players to become targets for enemy bullets. As a result, they must keep a few things in mind in order to improve their chances of winning games in Free Fire and increase their win percentage.

Garena Free Fire: Tips to survive longer and win games

1) Avoid hot drops at any cost

In Free Fire, players drop at action-packed POIs in search of good loot and are frequently ambushed by enemies. Enemies frequently visit these POIs because everyone is looking for good weapons to begin with.

While intense action increases the likelihood of defeating more enemies, the wager can work against them, and users may be eliminated early in the game.

2) Have a strategy

Whether dropping solo or with a squad, users should always have a strategy in place to execute flawless gameplay in Free Fire. They won’t be able to stand up to enemies for long if they don’t have a plan, and they may be eliminated.

The strategy is crucial, especially in the final zone, where the circle is small and there are fewer players alive.

3) Avoid unnecessary combat

Engaging in regular combat throughout a Free Fire match increases your chances of being eliminated. Constant bullet exchange with enemies puts the player’s health at risk and reveals their location.

They become easy targets for enemies, putting their survival in jeopardy.

4) Maneuver stealthily to the safe zone

Gamers are frequently left stranded outside the circle as the safe zone shrinks. Staying outside the area causes health problems. As a result, they are frequently required to sprint into the zone. However, players should always keep an eye on the outskirts and keep an eye out for enemies.

They should also move stealthily, taking cover on a regular basis, rather than running ahead. It increases the chances of users winning matches, as well as the win ratio.

5) Stay incognito in the last zone

In Free Fire, the final zone is the difference between a winner and a second-place finisher. Those who can maintain their silence and remain hidden have the upper hand in the final zone.

During the final zone, players are advised to keep a low profile and go completely incognito. Enemies will eventually lose patience and expose their position, making elimination easier.

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