5 pointers for improving hipfire accuracy and hitting more headshots in Free Fire


One of the most enjoyable aspects of Free Fire is the hipfire mechanism. Due to the simplicity of the aiming system, players fresh to the battle royale genre will quickly adapt and figure out gunplay.

Those who want to learn the hipfire system, on the other hand, will have to put in some effort. Players can hipfire opponents at vast distances with high precision by following a few tips and putting in a few hours of practice.

In Free Fire, here are five great ideas for improving hipfire accuracy and getting more headshots.

5) Try to remain stationary when firing

While it’s not the best move during a conflict, staying immobile while firing is a fantastic strategy to improve accuracy when shooting in hipfire mode.

To enhance their fighting proficiency, Free Fire gamers will have to convert to slowly moving and shooting over time. This takes a lot of experience, and because each weapon operates differently, figuring out the optimum strategy to fire and maneuver takes time.

4) Fire in short bursts to avoid wasting bullets

Shooting in short bursts is one of the simplest ways to improve hipfire accuracy in Free Fire. This will not only help users be more precise, but it will also save ammunition.

Gamers must exhibit prudence when it comes to unloading a magazine on a target. Although it may appear like shooting at an opponent is a good strategy, most bullets will not even contact their target after a certain point.

3) Use D-bee’s “Bullet Beats” ability to gain an advantage

In most cases, moving too much during hipfire mode will result in a loss of accuracy due to the weapon’s crosshair bloom rapidly increasing. However, by purchasing a few diamonds, gamers can completely bypass the problem.

Rather than losing accuracy while moving and shooting, users will gain accuracy while moving and firing thanks to D-“Bullet Bee’s Beats” passive ability. This is especially useful for gamers who prefer the hipfire mode and frequently move around.

2) Make sure the target is within range of the weapon.

In Free Fire, all weapons have a certain range. Bullets will either miss or hit their target depending on this. Players must know which guns are efficient at different ranges.

A sniper, for example, can fight at close range as well as over long distances. A pistol, on the other hand, will only work for close to mid-range engagements. If an opponent is too far away, the projectile will miss them and cause limited damage.

1) To get more headshots, fire single shots.

In Free Fire, scoring headshots while in hipfire mode is a bit of a challenge. Without the ability to aim down sight, gamers must meticulously aim headshots. When you’re constantly shooting at the target, this can get a little challenging.

Users should fire single rounds at the target to get around this problem. This reduces recoil and crosshair bloom, allowing them to maintain perfect control of the weapon and land each shot flawlessly.

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