5 pro tips to become a good sniper in free fire beginners


In Free Fire, sniping is one of the most frequent roles. A skilled sniper may eliminate opponents from a safe distance, resulting in a quick booyah for their squad. While having a steady aim and precision is always the most crucial, there are several tactics to follow if you want to be a sniper expert. In this post, we’ll teach you how to become a skilled sniper in Free Fire using the finest tactics for beginners.

1.Stop aiming down sight (ADS) after firing

If you want to shoot at opponents, you’ll need to aim down sights because you won’t be able to see the targets otherwise. After firing the shot, though, you must zoom out and re-adjust your aim.

This approach may appear clumsy at first, but it offers several advantages. To begin, you receive a peek of your surroundings, just in case attackers are approaching. Second, the increased sensitivity makes it much easier to maneuver your weapon and change your aim.

2.Always try to use the high ground advantage

While shooting opponents from afar is always an option, having the upper hand on the ground makes things a lot simpler. For starters, standing on high ground somewhat conceals your body, which is especially useful when attackers are right beneath you. They will have a tougher difficulty firing at you as a result of this.

Furthermore, the high ground provides you with a vantage position from which you can see over the covers and everything that is going on in the area. This makes it easier for players to adjust to the circumstance.

3.Silencers are not useless

Muzzles are preferred by Free Fire gamers over silencers since the former offers the equipped weapon better accuracy and range. A silencer, on the other hand, may be useful if you’re attempting to keep off the minimap. Your position would not be displayed on the minimap if you used a silent gun, and you might try again later.

Alternatively, you can utilize Rafael’s sniper skill. It’s a passive that provides your sniper guns a silencing effect by default. This stacks with the muzzle, allowing you to enjoy both effects while just wearing one.

4.Patience is the key

In Free Fire, beginners frequently make the mistake of rushing the shot. For a clean one-shot kill, it’s critical to achieve a headshot with snipers.

However, developing the mental toughness required is difficult. Most gamers are impatient and will fire once a target comes into view. Shooting at the body, arms, or legs will entirely negate your chances of taking down opponents, as they will just flee and recover back to full health.

5.Rotate after a fight

It is not a good idea to stay at a well-known area. After each combat, it’s critical that you rotate. If you remain stationary for an extended period of time, opponents who have discovered your location can spin and flank or backstab you from behind.

Rotating at the proper moment also prevents players from feeling pressured. Players who rotate smartly might have the upper hand on adversaries attempting to rush the former spot.

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