5 strategies for getting quick Booyah in Clash Squad Season 8’s Free Fire


Free Fire provides its players with a variety of fun modes and maps. Clash Squad is one of the game’s most popular modes. In 4v4 round-based battles, this mode provides tremendous action. In Clash Squad, there are seven rounds, and the first side to win the majority of them wins the game.

Warbringers and Howlers are the two factions that the teams are divided into. At the outset of each match, players can choose from a choice of weapons. The five finest techniques for easy Booyah in Clash Squad’s Season 8 in Free Fire are discussed in this post.

In Free Fire Clash Squad Season 8, here are some quick Booyah tips.

1) Better team coordination

Better coordination will help players to get an easy Booyah (Image via Free Fire)
Players with better coordination will have an easier time getting a Booyah (Image via Free Fire)

To get an easy Booyah or victory in Clash Squad mode, the first step is to improve team coordination. A player must play with his or her normal teammates in order to accomplish this. If the participants are aware of each other’s skills and shortcomings, it will help. If they keep their teammates in mind, they will have better synergy and be able to provide superior cover fire.

2) Better weapon combination

Purchase your weapon carefully at the start of the round (Image via Free Fire)
At the start of the round, carefully select your weapon (Image via Free Fire)

Players in Clash Squad have the option of choosing their preferred weaponry from the marketplace. They do, however, have a limited amount of money and must plan their purchases. In Clash Squad mode, players must choose a decent weapon combination to win the most rounds. To compensate for any weaknesses, the player might share any surplus income with his teammates.

3) Picking a character

In order to win the majority of Clash Squad matches in Free Fire, players must properly choose their characters. It will enable them to make the best use of their abilities while also assisting their teammates. The player can discuss his character choices with his teammates and coordinate accordingly.

4) Work on close-range skills

The Clash Squad game has a compact battlefield, and the most of the gunfights take place close to the player. To get more kills, players must improve their close quarters skills. It will aid them in quickly eliminating the other squad and securing a victory in Clash Squad season 8 of Free Fire.

5) Better use of utilities

The right usage of utilities is the last tip on the list for an easy victory in Free Fire. Gloo walls and grenades are examples of these tools. Skillful application of these utilities will aid players in inflicting initial damage on foes while preventing damage to themselves.

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