5 top pates in free fire and their abilities


Many pets in the garena free fire game. Here we talk about top 5 pets and their abilities which help to make a good game paly.

Free Fire includes a unique element in the shape of a pet system that Survivors can use to help them in fight. Free Fire pets are more than just a show; they may assist you with their special abilities.

Dunia Games has recommended a list of Free Fire pets that are suited for you to bring along in Season 20 to make your push rank simpler! Dunia Games has compiled a list of the 5 finest Free Fire pets as of March 2021!

Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is an excellent partner for Survivors who enjoy reaping Gloo Walls. You won’t run out of Gloo Walls during battle since this penguin’s “Smooth Gloo” will generate a fresh Gloo Wall every few seconds.

If you have less than two Gloo Walls in your inventory, Mr. Wager can create one every 100 seconds at the maximum level. If you have two Gloo Walls, you can give one to a buddy so that your pet can create a new one.

Mr. Waggor’s popularity has dipped significantly this month as a result of the Gloo Wall function being replaced by Chrono’s talent, as well as the new arrival of Skyler, whose skill is breaking Gloo Walls, which will be useful.


Falco is a pet that all of the professional players have. This eagle must be carried by one player in squad mode because its influence affects the entire team.

When skydiving, the “Skyline Spree” will boost glide speed by 45 percent, with an extra 50 percent after fully opening the parachute.

Although the effect is important at the start of the game, it is especially useful later on, when you and your squad mates may land faster, begin looting faster, and secure strategic sites faster than the others.


Chrono, Shirou, and Skyler, the three most recent characters, have one thing in common: they all have active-type abilities. When it comes to active talents, Rockie is unquestionably the best pet for that character.

This raccoon possesses the “Stay Chill” skill, which reduces the cooldown duration of active skills by 15% at maximum level, allowing you to use them more frequently.

When utilizing Rockie, for example, the cooldown for Chrono’s “Time Turner” and Skyler’s “Riptide Rhythm” is reduced to 34 seconds at maximum level. Shirou’s “Damage Delivered,” which has a 20-second cooldown, will be reduced to just 17 seconds!


Dreki is the newest pet from Free Fire, and he will be available in March. This dragon’s “Dragon Glare” can detect the whereabouts of four foes utilizing medkits within a 30-meter radius for 5 seconds at maximum level.

Dreki is an excellent match for Skyler, who will be matched with him later this month. When using medkits behind the Gloo Walls, you may locate the enemy’s location, then utilize Skyler’s skill to destroy the Gloo Walls and quickly dispatch your foe.


Beaston surpassed all other Free Fire pets in February, as evidenced by the fact that many professional players used it in FFML Season III, and is expected to continue to dominate the meta this month.

Beaston’s “Helping Hand” lets the player to hurl things 30 percent further than normal at the highest level. This pet can be utilized by any role, however it is most suited for support roles who typically stand at the formation’s very back.

Support players, with the help of Beaston, can cover teammates from a safe distance whether they want to start a battle with flashbang or flee with smoke grenades. Beaston can also assist you throw further if you like to use the frying grenade method.

Beaston is an excellent teammate for Mr. Waggor in squad mode. Players who brought Mr. Waggor only need to pass Gloo Walls to the player who has Beaston so that he can toss it as far as possible.

That concludes this month’s list of the finest Free Fire pets. Is there a pet on this list that you adore?

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