5 tragic moments in GTA 5, that will make you cry


For most gamers, the story in GTA 5 is hit-or-miss, yet there are instances when Rockstar Games plays their hearts like a violin.

GTA 5 is an intense and immersive gameplay experience at its core. The tale and the overworld allow the player to experience a wide spectrum of emotions. Sadness, for example, is one of the more intense ones. GTA 5 isn’t as depressing as the last game, but it still carries a hit.

GTA 5 delivers on emotional moments, whether it’s the loss of life or the loss of what could’ve been. As unfortunate as it is, a little rain does make the sun more gorgeous. If GTA 5 gamers know what they’re doing, they can improve the lives of everyone.

Five terrible GTA 5 realizations for players

#5 – Michael and Trevor could’ve been decent human beings

Broken dreams are a common theme in GTA 5. Trevor mentions his stint in the Air Force sarcastically at one point. He could have served his country as an ace pilot for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, a difficult upbringing and unsolved mental disorders kept this ambition from becoming a reality. Trevor’s piloting abilities are unrivaled.

Michael, on the other hand, was a high school football player. Later, a dehibilitating injury forced him to retire. Michael finally recognized that the only time he truly felt like a winner was when he was involved in criminal activity. In a therapy session, he stated that he felt “comfortable and competent” in this role.

#4 – There are several gangster murals in Los Santos

RIP Jose

GTA 5 gamers will come across amazing paintings all across Los Santos. These are frequently dedicated to fallen friends and family members, particularly on the southside. Given that GTA 5 frequently plays things for laughs and pleasure, these personal tributes are quite poignant.

For a more genuine representation of graffiti-based art, Rockstar Games engaged real-life gangsters. They were specifically allowed to honor deceased loved ones in the game through their paintings.

Franklin has excellent reason to wish to abandon his way of life (even if he is unable to). Gang violence is pervasive in Los Santos’ poorer neighborhoods. Many lives are lost in the ghettos, and it’s one of the remarkable things about them.

#3 – Grove Street Families are taken over by Ballas

GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 do not share the same continuity; the former is based in a 3D environment, while the latter is established in an HD universe. Nonetheless, old-school fans will cry for the Grove Street Families, who have been entirely annihilated by the rival Ballas gang.

Hood Safari missions emphasize this notion. Lamar and Franklin have often said that the families no longer hold authority. The Ballas, on the other hand, dominates the southern portions of Los Santos, including the famed Grove Street. It’s a heartbreaking picture for GTA San Andreas fans to see.

#2 – Franklin can kill Michael or Trevor for nothing

It’s worth noting that GTA Online treats these occurrences as though they don’t exist. In any case, GTA 5 gamers have a choice between three potential endings. The first two will end in tragedy since the player will be compelled to kill one of the other protagonists. Franklin is not having an easy time in this place. However, the responsibility is firmly on his shoulders.

Trevor and Michael were both hurt by Franklin’s deception because they considered him a close friend. Michael dies by falling, leaving his family without a parent. Meanwhile, Trevor is being burned alive in a heinous manner. Franklin could have collaborated with them, but he chose this route instead.

GTA 5 players should be thankful that none of these endings are canon. Fans of Michael and Trevor, on the other hand, may find it difficult to watch. Neither of them leaves on their own terms. Franklin will have to deal with the consequences of his decision, given that he allowed his goals get in the way. His phone calls after the mission were heartbreaking.

#1 – Lost MC destroy themselves

GTA 5 was not a fantastic experience for people who enjoyed playing the Lost and Damned expansion pack. The Lost MC, a once-powerful gang, are reduced to ruins in this game. Trevor Philips easily dispatches a weakened Johnny Klebitz before adding insult to injury and murdering the other members.

Johnny leaves a dismal legacy in Los Santos, where he brought the Lost MC to destruction. Those who attend his funeral hold him responsible for all of their problems. His lover Ashley either dies at Trevor’s hands or as a result of a lethal overdose, and all important members perish.

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