50 of the most fashionable Free Fire nicknames, including Raistar and Ankush FF


In Free Fire, participants are distinguished by their nicknames. While playing Battle Royale or Clash Squad matches, many mobile gamers like standing out from the crowd and flaunting their cool nicknames.

Free Fire has its fair number of streamers, and the most of them have distinct nicknames that inspire fans to create their own. Raistar and Ankush FF are well-known Free Fire players who many players look up to.꧁•ᏒคᎥຮᴛαʀ࿐  and Ꭺɴᴋᴜsʜ‖ ꜰꜰ ‖, respectively, are their nicknames.

One of the popular name generator sites, Nickfinder.com 

If users wish to have fashionable names like Raistar and Ankush, they can go to name generator sites like nickfinder.com,, fortnite.freefire-name.com, and so on and choose a nickname from a large choice of trendy names available. These websites also allow players to personalize the name of their choice.

When players first log in to the battle royale title, Free Fire allows them to choose a nickname. They can also alter their name later, however for a new nickname, players must spend diamonds (in-game money).

Free Fire nicknames

Players can also pick from the following nicknames to use in-game:

1. ֆɨʟɛռcer

2. Ⲙagiᄃ

3. M𝖊n†aℓ

4. 丹jⱥx

5. ℭ℟Åℤ¥◤

6. 𝕱orτ𝕦ήe

7. 𝓜𝓮𝓽𝓪𝓵🎼

8. ₭ÏḼḼ℥℟ཌ꧂

9. ¥₮༒ɢօɖ༒

10. ㄥØℜĐ

11. ЀMØN

12. H ¥ Đ R A

13. ƤℜɆĐ₳₮Øℜ

14. ᎶΔŁΔЖ¥

15. ₦ ł ₦ J A

16. ꧁§€v£n꧂

17. ÐÁ®K🖤

18. ӇƳƤЄƦ༒

19. ƬƦΘレL

20. ĞhÒ§Ţ

21. ✯MƦ. ƤЄƦƑЄƇƬ̴✯


23. ℜѺƔคŁ

24. 🐼Ƥคภdค🐼

25. ☬ƤђøєηᎥx☬


27. 𝕯ⱥɍ𝓚️

28. 𝓐ȵℊɇℒ

29. 𐍉ϻήΐp𐍉†eήt

30. A††êñ†ïðñ

31. To𝖗nⱥdo

32. ƧภiƤeя

33. ▄︻Gunner═━

34. Rҽnҽgade

35. Ɗrⱥgoภ🐉

36. $Ḽ@¥℥℟

37. §cơrpǐoƞ

38. やhântøm

39. ⚡ᴳᵒᵈ


41. §avağë

42. Mสniสc

43. Mighτψ

44. $torϻ

45. ∀ñg𝖗y

46. C͢͢͢øˡˡa†eraˡ

47. yakuza

48. FⱥtⱥL

49. 乃@dger

50. Pรych𝓮

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