6 pro tips for awm setting in free fire game


The settings listed below the best sensitivity setting for 2gb ram phones and get more accurate head shots.

Best Sensitivity Settings for 2 GB RAM Phones:

  1. General: 100
  2. Red Dot: 90
  3. 2X Scope: 80
  4. 4X Scope: 70
  5. AWM Scope: 42

In Garena Free Fire, how do you change the sensitivity settings?

  1. Open Free Fire Navigate to the Settings symbol at the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Open the Settings menu interface
  3. Choose the Sensitivity tab on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Apply the Settings above

These options won’t make you become a pro player in Garena Free Fire right away. That’s a time-consuming and tedious procedure. There will be faults until you spend hours upon hours playing to perfect your performance in the game. Getting the proper sensitivity settings for you, on the other hand, may considerably speed up the training process. Mastering firearm control and recoil is a huge accomplishment.

How to Get More Accurate Headshots?

It is strongly advised that players aim for the opponent’s body first in order to land more headshots. Then gently move the aim higher, which should bring the aim to the opponent’s head automatically. In the auto-aiming crosshair, sensitivity is quite important. It adds auto-aim to the head, allowing for a perfect headshot kill.

Free fire top 6 awm setting  

If you’re a lover of AWM snping as much as I am, you’ll want to employ these Awm expert tips. Free Fire includes a lot of great guns, but Awm is unique and difficult to operate. Only one shot is available at a time. So, if you’re a master at utilizing an Awm, you’re the only one who can get an enemy with it. To master Awm in Free Fire, follow these helpful hints.

Master Awm Sensitivity

Unlike other games, Free Fire’s AWM scope has a distinct sensitivity setting. The Awm Sniper has a scope connected to it, and the sensitivity setting solely applies to it.

I recommend setting the Awm sensitivity to 100. This will let you to shoot at a moving target with your Awm scope.

We need to shoot at a moving target from a distance every now and again. If we want to employ an AWM in Free Fire, we must first master AWM sensitivity. It’s not enough to set the Awm sensitivity to 100. You’ll also need to learn Awm’s new sensitivity. To complete the task, you can play some simple matches.

If you set this sensitivity to 30-50, keeping up with a running enemy from a distance will be extremely difficult. To move the scope faster, you’ll have to slide your fingers many times.

Use Laura Character with Awm

Laura is a Free Fire special character known for her precision targeting. Lara has been in the game for a long time. If you’re a regular Free Fire player, you’ll be familiar with Lara.

Laura improves your aiming accuracy, which means that if you use Lara to shoot at a target, your bullet will reach the target even if your cursor isn’t exactly in the right spot.

As a result, if you employ Laura Character with Awm, you will have an extremely low risk of missing a target. As a result, you can improve your accuracy and gaming with Awm.

Best Awm Shooting Accuracy Tip

AWM is designed for long-range shooting. If we employ Awm in a short to medium range duel, it will be considerably more tough. In that scenario, we must ensure that we are employing the best Awm shooting accuracy technique. This is a self-made trick that works perfectly.

We’ll put our emoji icon in the middle of the screen in this method. to accomplish this-

Simply go to Controls and then to Settings.

Bring the emoji icon to the middle of the Custom Hud, where the aim cursor appears.

After that, reduce the size of the icon. You can reduce the size of an icon by reducing the icon’s size bar on the screen.

Now that you’ve placed a small round icon in the center, you may move on to the next step. Because your new emoji cursor is bigger and more obvious than ever, you won’t have any trouble aiming without a scope.

How to use Awm without reloading

For all of us, Awm’s reloading speed is a major concern. After we’ve shot all of the bullets in the sniper rifle’s magazine, it takes far too long to reload it. So, in order to get rid of this, I’m going to give you all a recommendation. This trick will fully eliminate the Awm reloading time.

Simply press shoot and then reload after clicking the shoot button whenever you’re using an Awm.

Yes, you read that correctly. Whenever you use Awm to shoot at an adversary. In Free Fire, simply press the reload button after pressing the fire button.

This will reload your Awm in under a second and eliminate the need to reload the entire magazine.

You can also slightly enlarge the reload button and move it closer to the Fire button. So that you can hit both buttons at the same time without having to wait. I hope this makes sense.

Awm Gun Combination

If you’re going to utilize the Awm, you’ll need to know what other guns you should use. There are numerous types of firearms available.

Because Awm is a sniper rifle with a long range. We’ll also need a long-range and a short-range weapon. Because it will be difficult to shoot an enemy who is quite close to you with AWM.

So, for a mid-range fight, you can use a Scar or an AK, and for the classes’ range fight, you’ll need a shotgun.

In addition, Free Fire features a variety of fascinating guns that are both strong and useful. Although the Kar98k is an excellent sniper, it is unable to breach the level 3 helmet. A single headshot with the AWM may instantly knock down or kill an enemy, which is why everyone loves it.

Hold Fire to Scope

Setting the Awm’s setting to hold and fire is another good option. When shooting a moving target from a distance, the Hold and Fire option comes in handy. Players almost always attempt to scope in first, then move their cursor to aim, and finally shoot. All three of these actions require a lot more work, which isn’t always possible when a target is moving.

I use the Hold Fire to Scope mode myself. Because I merely hold the fire button and move the cursor when I’m aiming at an adversary. And when I’m completely ready to shoot, I simply release the fire button. You should also try this one.

Before you begin, I should warn you that no settings are available at first. With the new settings, you’ll need to practice a little.

How to Use AWM in Free Fire: Conclusion:

There are many more ways to use AWM, but you won’t find this information anyplace else. Using an emoji to move your cursor will be quite useful. Without much difficulty, you can point your aim towards a target.

The clever approach of shooting with double AWM and clicking reload right after firing a round will significantly reduce AWM reloading time. Also, remember to set the AWM sensitivity to the maximum and practice with the new settings. So that you may master it and hit your opponents with more perfect shots.

I hope you’ve found our AWM tutorial and tips useful. Please also pass on these ‘expert tips on how to utilize Awm’ to your friends.

Free fire gloo wall settings

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available for mobile devices. The game includes unique elements that set it apart from other games.

The Gloo Wall, a unique object available solely to Free Fire, is one of these elements. In Free Fire, the Gloo Wall is a sort of grenade that instantly creates a large ice wall that prevents oncoming projectiles.

It’s not only a one-of-a-kind equipment, but it’s also become an essential item in Free Fire that every player should know how to use. In Free Fire, knowing how to employ rapid Gloo Wall will save your life and help you fight the adversary. So, if you want more Booyah in Free Fire, you need learn how to use it right now.

In this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about the Gloo Wall, including practice activities and battle strategies.

How To Use Fast Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

In Free Fire, knowing how to employ quick Gloo Wall is a skill that will make you very elusive. It is, however, a little complicated, and you will need to practice a lot before becoming comfortable with it.

When fighting an enemy in Free Fire, follow these instructions to employ rapid Gloo Wall:

Step 1: Drag your Fire button higher to better strike headshots when shooting at them.

Step 2: Switch to Gloo Wall while holding the Fire button.

Step 3: Drag the Fire button to aim the Gloo Wall where you want it to go (your finger is still holding the Fire button). The Gloo Wall will be closer if you aim lower.

Step 4: When you release the Fire button, the Gloo Wall will appear.

How To Practice Using Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

The Training Mode in Free Fire is the greatest way to practice using Gloo Wall. Free Fire included a new Gloo Wall training area in the OB26 update, where you can use as many Gloo Wall as you like to prevent bullets coming from all directions. This is an excellent way to improve your awareness of your surroundings, reflection, and Gloo Wall positioning.

The Combat Zone in the training room can be used to practice those skills in realistic combat situations. There, you’ll confront actual people, be able to use any weapon you choose, and respawn instantly. You must go to the long building’s balcony to find Gloo Wall in the Combat Zone. There’ll be a crate where you can get as many Gloo Wall as you desire.

Because it is tougher to obtain Gloo Wall and you must spend time searching matches, using the Training mode to practice using Gloo Wall is more better than playing real matches.

Secret Gloo Wall Tips And Tricks Pro Players Use

Gloo Wall can be used in a variety of ways in Free Fire to give you an advantage in combat. I’d like to share with you some advanced tips and methods from great players so you can master using the Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

Using Gloo Wall while jumping

When you place a Gloo Wall, you will be temporarily halted while sprinting. If you’re rushing an enemy, this will drastically slow you down. The answer is straightforward. Simply leap and set the Gloo Wall while in the air; there will be no delays and everything will flow smoothly after that.

If you’ve mastered the rapid Gloo Wall technique, you should combine it with this trick and make jumping a habit before placing a Gloo Wall. This is especially critical while fighting with a shotgun at close range.

Double Gloo Wall

You’ve probably seen other individuals do it before. Instead of placing one Gloo Wall, they would rapidly place two. This is to prevent the M82B sniper rifle from passing through the Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

It’s also a wonderful way to pull off a highlight in a close-range combat. You can trap the adversary between your two Gloo Walls, leaving only one open for you to kill them easy.

Gloo Wall fortress

If you don’t know where you’re being shot from, erecting a Gloo Wall fortress around you will ensure your safety and ability to heal. You should do it because it isn’t too difficult. Keep your aim low, spin in one spot with your right finger, then place Gloo Wall with the left Fire button while spinning.

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