6 ways to fix lags in the free fire


In the free fire game we face some lag problem. Here we will show you how to fix the lag problem in free fire.

Garena Free Fire is regarded as one of the few light-weight battle royale games to provide a satisfying experience and adrenaline. The game does not necessitate the use of a high-end smartphone. It also does not necessitate players spending money on device upgrades on a regular basis. The developers make it a point to release updates with intriguing new features on a regular basis. More crucially, the update patches are meant to be compatible with low-end devices. Even with so much thought and care, it’s likely that some devices will have lags when playing. Today, we’ll look for a solution to how to solve game lag in Free Fire in this article.

Game Boosters — Are they really effective?

There could be a slew of apps in the Google Play Store that claim to boost performance. The same can be said for those apps that claim to be able to eliminate lag completely. In truth, these apps don’t make much of a difference. Furthermore, their primary aim is to use your storage and RAM in order to display third-party advertisements. Rather of allowing these programs keep you in the dark, move on to the next section to learn how to solve the latency in Free Fire.

How to fix game lag in Free Fire?

To increase performance and fix game lag without using a third-party tool, follow the instructions below:

Check if your device is meeting the minimum requirements

The first and most important step is to ensure that your device is compatible and fulfills the game’s minimum requirements. Even though, as previously stated, Free Fire does not require high specifications, it does require at least 2GB of RAM to run at 30 frames per second without lags.

Pick the settings according to the device

Reduce the graphics quality in the options. It usually aids in the treatment of stuttering. Carry out the same procedure with the ‘shadows’ option. To avoid overheating, lower the frame rate.

Keep the system updated

Keep your Android system up to date at all times. Auto-update should also be enabled in the system settings.

Clear the cache

Clear your phone’s temp cache memory on a regular basis. It also aids in the smooth and flexible operation of your phone. Clear the saved data of apps and games you don’t use anymore from the app settings menu.

Optimize the app for the best performance

On any platform, optimization is essential for a lag-free gaming experience. Check the system settings to see if your apps and games are optimized for battery life and performance.

We hope that this post will assist you in overcoming latency and low performance issues when playing Free Fire. Have fun gaming!

Do you experience latency in Free Fire? Do you want to get rid of latency and ping in Free Fire? Here are the best solutions described in the post for fixing latency in Free Fire and increasing the game’s FPS.

Free Fire has surpassed 10 million users, making it a tough competitor in competitive games such as PUBG and Call of Duty. Due to its growing popularity, Google Play Store awarded Free Fire the title of Best Popular Vote Game.

Despite the fact that the game is quite popular and amazing, there are still some flaws, such as lags, that detract from the playing experience in Free Fire. The majority of gamers that experience excessive lag when playing Free Fire attempt to hack the game in order to win.

However, you should not use a hack to try to repair the lag in Free Fire. However, there are particular minimum requirements to run Free Fire smoothly before you try to remedy latency. You will not be allowed to play the Free Fire game if you are unable to meet the minimum requirements.

Free Fire Minimum Requirements:-

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher
Requires 1 GB RAM

If you can meet the basic requirements, you can fix free fire lag by using the methods listed below.

How to Fix Lag in Free Fire with Ping Solutions – 7 Best Methods

Simply implement each of the ways described below to your device, and you will notice a significant improvement in Free Fire latency.

GFX Tool For Free Fire
Install Game Booster
Clear Cache
Disable Background Running Apps
Enable 4x MSAA
Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
Clear Internal Memory Space

GFX Tool For Free Fire Lag Fix

GFX tools are the most effective tools for eliminating lag in any game. It helps unlock 60 frames per second and other graphics-related properties. Although there are numerous GFX Tools for Free Fire available, I only recommend utilizing GFX Tool For Free Fire.

Free Fire GFX Tool Features:-

Change FPS Levels up to 60 FPS
Change Graphics API
Change Shadow Option
Change Game Resolution
Change Graphics Style Settings
To implement the GFX tool, follow these steps:-

The GFX utility can be downloaded here.
Install it and run it.
Reduce the resolution to 960 x 450 pixels.
Reduce the graphics quality to a minimum.
Set the frame rate to 60 frames per second.
Choose a Graphics API (Vulkan, OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL 2.0)
It should be saved.
Game Booster should be installed.
Have you ever noticed how many mobile phone companies, such as Mi, Realme, and others, supply their own Game Booster?

These Game Booster applications are configured with their best settings to boost games. Game Booster helps to release unwanted memory, close background running apps, etc. which allows us to play games smoother and faster.

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