8bit Thug has published the revenue of PUBG Mobile gamers, Free Fire Esports participants, and streamers.


Popular games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have given the Indian gaming industry a sonic boom in terms of popularity and financial flux.

Some well-known gamers have seen their standard of living rise as a result of the much-needed cash boost. Young YouTubers and casual gamers are thinking about pursuing a career in Esports.

With esports becoming a popular employment choice for young people, it’s crucial to understand the industry’s financial status. In his most recent video, 8bit Thug, a popular YouTuber, discusses these difficulties.

The earnings of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire players and streamers will be revealed in this post.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire gamers and streamers can earn in millions
In recent years, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have become two of the most popular gaming titles in the country. Esports players and streamers compete in tournaments on a regular basis and broadcast regular material.

Because of the feeds and prize pool, popular Esports gamers and streamers wind up making a lot of money. As previously said, many fans and followers are increasingly seeing competitive gaming and broadcasting as a viable career opportunity.

8bit Thug divides the game industry into two parts. Esports gamers are on one hand, while YouTubers and content streams are on the other.

Popular PUBG Mobile esports players typically earn money in three ways.

1) Salary
In comparison to the Western world, India’s esports ecosystem is still developing. Popular PUBG Mobile and other gamers, on the other hand, earn between 40,000 and 150,000 rupees in India.

2) Prize Money
The amount of money won in competitions and tournaments is a subject of heated dispute.

Contracts between professional gamers and any organization are usually kept private. As a result, determining what percentage of the prize pool the gamer keeps is very impossible. Gaming contests typically have a large prize pool. Gamers of PUBG Mobile are likely to make a decent amount of money from it.

3) Sponsorship
Popular PUBG Mobile players frequently sign multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with major corporations. These companies promote gamers and give them a large sum of money to participate in advertisements and promotions.

PUBG Mobile streams’ income possibilities were also highlighted by 8bit Thug.

1) On platform monetization
On-platform monetization is still one of the most important ways for streamers to make money. Beans on the Loco platform, YouTube Superchats, and bits and contributions on Twitch are examples of on-platform monetization.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire streams rely on on-platform revenue to make a living.

2) Advertisement revenue
In PUBG Mobile streams and footage, gamers may frequently run across a few seconds of advertisement. This is one of the ways to make money. A million views of an advertising usually gets roughly Rs. 24,000 in most cases. Other elements that influence the value include the view time and CPMs of the streamers, to mention a few.

3) Sponsorships and Brand Endorsements
If the video is strong, has a regular following, and creates a lot of views on the channel, PUBG Mobile streamers and content makers can obtain good sponsorship.

Audiences have migrated to digital content above any other mode in recent years. This has opened up a lot of options for streamers to make money and get a good return on their investment.

According to 8bit Thug, a successful PUBG Mobile streamer may make up to a million dollars from streaming. Other streamers with a sizable audience can earn upwards of $100,000 per year.
The data depict the demographics that have evolved from market research. India’s esports business is booming, with the potential to expand much further in the future years.

Streaming and professional gaming are both excellent career choices. Aspirants should keep in mind, however, that identifying oneself and responding to the needs of the audience is not an easy process. It will take some time to settle down and will put your patience to the test before generating adequate revenue and income.

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