A beginner’s tutorial to increasing the number of frames per second in BGMI


BGMI has effectively established itself in the Indian gaming scene, and it continues to recruit new players to its list on a daily basis. The game was supposed to take the place of PUBG Mobile, which was prohibited owing to security concerns. The growing popularity of BGMI implies that its creators were successful in achieving their primary goal.

BGMI was created specifically for the Indian gaming community, and special servers have been set up throughout the nation to service them.

Gamers usually get a seamless gaming experience thanks to these servers. However, there have been reports of greater FPS in the game from a number of players.

A number of additional elements influence FPS, and players should adjust them to achieve the best results.

BGMI: Improve the device’s numerous features to increase the FPS.

1) Modifying the visual settings

When the device’s RAM use reaches its limit, it tends to freeze and become unusable at times. The low FPS has an impact on gameplay, and gamers are unable to enjoy a consistent gaming experience.

To get a high FPS in Battlegrounds Mobile India, they should alter the gaming visuals to match the requirements.

2) Instead of using cell data, use WiFi

3) Clear the cache

For a higher FPS and better gaming performance, players should clear the cache before entering any BGMI matches.

4) Apps that run in the background should be limited.

As previously stated, BGMI requires a constant internet connection to operate properly. Background applications use internet resources, resulting in a game with a low frame rate.

For a higher FPS in BGMI, players should disable all background apps and disable the auto-download feature.

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