According to FIFA World Rankings, the top five national teams have been since 2010.


The UEFA Euro 2020 and the Copa America 2021 are in full swing, with the majority of the game’s elite players competing in one of the two events.

Despite the biggest nations in the world and some of the top players in the game focusing on adding an international trophy to their resumes, there have been a few surprising results in both events.

With the FIFA World Cup coming up next year, it will be interesting to see how some of the stronger teams perform in one of these two competitions. On that point, let’s take a look at the five finest national teams since 2010, according to transfermarkt’s FIFA World Ratings.

Portugal is ranked #5 with 1,281 points.

Portugal is ranked #5 with 1,281 points.
Belgium vs Portugal – UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16

Belgium knocked Portugal out of the Euros in the Round of 16 Friday night, with talents like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Diogo Jota failing to impress.

Given the quality of the Portuguese team, this result can only be described as disappointing. Portugal won the Euros by surprise in 2016, and they did so with a seemingly weaker squad than this one.

After his team failed to meet expectations, manager Fernando Santos may find himself under pressure.

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