According to Gaming Aura, Free Fire Max will be available in India soon with improved graphics and frame rates.


Free Fire has grown in popularity over the years and is now without a doubt one of the most popular mobile gaming apps. It has a sizable following in India.

After reports regarding the game’s pre-registration for the region surfaced, Free Fire Max has recently become a hot subject in the community.

For those unfamiliar, Free Fire Max is a revamped version of the game that aims to provide players a whole new and improved experience. In addition to other improvements, it boasts better effects, visual effects, and other exclusive features.

In a recent video, Gaming Aura, a well-known YouTuber and Free Fire caster, expanded on this version.

Free Fire Max will be released in India by Garena, and pre-registration will begin soon.

Garena will release Free Fire Max in India, according to Gaming Aura. He claimed in a previous video that pre-registrations would begin on August 29.

Pre-registration is available on the website rather than the Google Play Store, according to the content producer. The developer will offer a link to it as soon as possible.

Players are, as expected, ecstatic about its arrival and eagerly anticipate the start of registrations.

The MENA region’s pre-registration for the open beta began in late April 2021, and the game was released in June. It was well-received by users, with more than 2 million pre-registrations when it was introduced.

Similar to the Middle East, registrations for the Indian region are expected to take more than a month.

Free Fire Max’s pre-registration for the Indian server would be available from August 28th, according to a post by popular data miner Knight Clown.

Features that are unique Craftland is a brand-new feature available only in the Free Fire Max. It was released alongside the OB28 update and allowed users to make and play on their own maps.

This was improved even more in the OB29 upgrade.

Lobby with 360° views
Users can choose and display their weapons, vehicles, and other skins in the lobby itself with this functionality.

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