Activision Blizzard responds to being sued by California over widespread workplace harassment of women


The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has filed a lawsuit against the well-known video game producer Activision Blizzard for a toxic workplace culture that has resulted in years of alleged workplace harassment of women.

One of the most well-known publishing houses in the video game industry is Activision Blizzard. Activision Blizzard is the studio behind a number of well-known game franchises, including Overwatch, Diablo, and the iconic military shooter genre Call of Duty.

The state of California, specifically the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, recently sued the corporation over allegations of rampant sexual harassment.

Activision Blizzard is a “frat boy” environment that “breeds harassment and discrimination against women,” according to the report.

According to Bloomberg, California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed the report on July 22, 2021, as the result of a two-year inquiry. The report also cites the company’s lack of women in leadership positions, as well as the massive wage disparity at the senior level.

According to the filing, Activision Blizzard employs 20% women who have been subjected to sexual harassment and misbehavior for years. Some examples of misogynistic behavior, according to the research, include:

Women are subjected to “cube crawls” in the workplace, in which male employees consume enormous amounts of alcohol while “crawling” their way through numerous cubicles and frequently engage in inappropriate behavior with female employees. Male employees proudly show up for work hungover and play video games for long periods of time while delegating their obligations to female employees.Employees joke about their sexual escapades, discuss female bodies openly, and joke about rape.

Female employees are subjected to sexual harassment on a daily basis, including having to fend off unwelcome sexual comments and approaches from male coworkers and superiors, as well as being touched at office activities such as “cube crawls.” Without repercussions, high-ranking executives and creators participated in obvious sexual harassment.

In one tragic case, a female employee committed suicide while on a business trip with a male supervisor who had taken butt plugs and lubricant with him.

Hopefully, the legal system will take appropriate action against those who need to be held accountable.

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