After a tumultuous main event on NXT, Samoa Joe attacked.


During his current tenure as NXT Champion, Karrion Kross has had to deal with a lot. Kross defeated Johnny Gargano in a hard-fought bout on the most recent episode of NXT. The NXT Champion wasn’t finished yet, as he choked out guest referee Samoa Joe to end the evening.
Johnny Wrestling pushed Kross to his maximum tonight, as the NXT Champion was constantly in Joe’s face throughout the bout. Kross finally dispatched Gargano with a forearm to the back of the skull.

The NXT Champion wasn’t finished with the show yet. To conclude the show, he locked in the Kross Jacket on Joe and choked him out.

Joe’s reaction to what happened after the main event will be fascinating to watch. At the present, it appears that the next feud will be between Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross.

On NXT, Samoa Joe’s return to the ring could be imminent.
Despite the fact that Samoa Joe returned to NXT without medical clearance, a number of potential feuds have been teased since his return. Cole, Dunne, and Kross have all given him staredowns.

Following the conclusion of NXT, it appears like the Samoan Submission Machine will be back in action soon.

Joe did say in a recent interview that he will return to the ring soon, and that everything is in place for it to happen.
Joe said, “As soon as possible.” “We still have certain boxes to check off and stuff to set up correctly and make sure everyone is good with everything, but it’s been a little too long. You get your blood boiling, you begin to feel it inside, and you’re ready to return “Joe remarked.
Joe will return to the ring to challenge Kross for the title next, which will please NXT fans.

With the NXT Champion gunning for the black and gold brand’s old guard, a match with Joe would draw a lot of attention.

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