After Argentina’s Copa America title win, Lionel Messi told colleague Angel Di Maria, “It was my final.”


Following Argentina’s title victory, Lionel Messi informed teammate Angel Di Maria that the Copa America final was the Paris Saint-Germain star’s chance to shine. Argentina won their first Copa America title since 1993 after Di Maria scored the solitary goal of the summit encounter.

In the Maracana final, Lionel Messi wasn’t at his best, but his teammates rose to the occasion to give him his first senior international trophy with Argentina.

Following the game, Di Maria spoke to the media about what Lionel Messi told him following Argentina’s victory. The PSG official stated:

“It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Messi expressed his gratitude to me, and I reciprocated! He informed me that it was my final, that it was a rematch for the finals that I had been unable to participate in. Today had to be the day, and today was the day.”

Argentina and Lionel Messi, according to Di Maria, have their sights set on the World Cup next year. He continued, “

“I’m grateful to my girls, my wife, my parents, all of our supporters, and all of the insane people who came here. The World Cup is approaching, and this is a great boost.”

Lionel Messi is the best of all time: Argentina midfielder Rodrigo De Paul

Lionel Messi has been dubbed “the best of all time” by Argentina midfielder Rodrigo De Paul. With four goals and the most assists, Messi finished the competition as the tournament’s leading scorer (five).

After Argentina’s Copa America final triumph, De Paul said:

“This is more than we could have imagined. Being crowned Maracana champion versus Brazil defies all expectations. I’m overjoyed. Messi required the help of everyone, and we required him as well. He is without a doubt the greatest of all time.”

Di Maria’s strike was assisted by De Paul, who delivered a well-weighted through ball that put the PSG star clear on goal with only Ederson to beat.

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