After the Battlegrounds Mobile India controversy erupted, this is how Krafton reacted.


Battlegrounds Mobile India: Here’s what Krafton has to say about the recent issue in India regarding the famous PUBG Mobile substitute game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the name of the game when it comes to controversy. Given the history of its predecessor, PUBG Mobile India, BGMI has become not just one of the most anticipated games in the country this year, but also one of the most scrutinized. With that as a warning, you’d think the corporation, Krafton, would stay as far away from more trouble as possible. However, this is not the case. The game’s most recent controversy is the same one that got PUBG Mobile India banned in the first place: data sharing with China-based servers! This was quickly discovered, and it was revealed that the corporation had been connecting to servers located outside of the country, including those in China, the United States, and Russia. One would assume Krafton would have known better, especially since the number of Battlegrounds Mobile India ban calls has risen, with even the traders’ group CAIT urging the government to act in a strong letter.

Here’s what Krafton had to say about the Battlegrounds Mobile India data transfer issue:
The game’s publisher, Krafton, said in a statement that it was striving to “completely comply with the Indian laws and regulations” while it worked toward the game’s formal debut in India. Battlegrounds Mobile India is still in a public beta test and is not available to all users via the Play Store, as gamers will recall. “With player data security and privacy as our top priority, KRAFTON is taking the issues highlighted very seriously and has taken quick, tangible efforts to rectify this issue,” the business claimed.

Battlegrounds Mobile India makes use of third-party solutions.
Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to Krafton, employs third-party solutions to create unique game features, which is how some data was exchanged with third-party solutions. According to the company’s privacy policy, “with users’ approval to the privacy policy and electing to migrate their accounts,” the app may transfer some data. It also stated that no information was exchanged in contravention of the company’s privacy policy.
Isn’t it true that controversy sells?

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