After the Free Fire OB31 update, here are the top 5 useful pets for aggressive players


In Free Fire, pets are extremely important. Their powers provide several perks and buffs to the battlefield. They have the potential to turn the tide of a gunfight if employed effectively. However, with so many options, gamers are frequently perplexed as to which to utilize.

Some pets are better suited to a more passive attitude, while others are better suited to a more aggressive approach. While some of them can be used interchangeably, a number of them are more suited to those looking for in-game combat.

In Free Fire, the best pets that complement an aggressive playstyle are Agent Hop (No. 1)

In Free Fire, Agent Hop’s ability assists players in gaining EP. Users will gain 50 EP each time the safe zone shrinks. During a match, this can be utilized to heal passively.

Instead of searching for mushrooms, players can acquire EP by using the Bouncing Bonus ability. In combat, having a full EP bar allows players to be more aggressive without having to actively heal.

Dreki is number two.

Free Fire players can use Dreki’s Dragon Glare ability to find injured opponents. Within a 30-meter radius, enemies who use medkits will be revealed.

Despite the fact that the ability only lasts five seconds, it is quite useful while seeking for opponents to eliminate. This is important for locating enemies who have eluded capture.

Beaston (#3)

Beaston’s Helping Hand ability enables players to throw grenades further. The distance is increased by 30% and applies to all throwable items such as gloo walls, flashbangs, smoke grenades etc.

During combat, this ability opens up numerous tactical options for players in Free Fire. Given the increased rage of throwables, enemies can be engaged from further away.

4) Rockie

Stay Chill is a Rockie ability that reduces the cooldown duration of the character’s active ability by 15%. Characters like Chrono and Wukong will benefit greatly from this.

Players will get a significant tactical advantage in combat as a result of this. Additionally, when partnered with support characters like DJ Alok or Dimitri, the ability benefits the entire team.

5) Panda the Detective

The ability of Detective Panda allows players to regain HP. Players will gain 10 HP for each opponent defeated. The amount may be increased by partnering Panda with Jota, despite the fact that it is currently low.

This will allow players to press forward aggressively in combat without the need to use medkits to heal. During fierce gunfights in Free Fire, the Panda’s Blessing ability is vital.

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