After the OB28 update, here are the 5 finest MP40 skins in Free Fire.


Free Fire features a wide variety of bundles and skins available, as well as a large weapon list. The MP40 is one of the game’s most popular SMG weapons. In close range, it is far more effective than other firearms.

The OB28 update also included some new MP40 skins in addition to other changes. This article will go through a few of the skins that gamers can take use of.

Top 5 skins in Free Fire for MP40

1. Crazy Bunny MP40

The skin is popular and features a fun Easter theme with Easter eggs and bunnies. Spins in the game can be used to obtain the skin. The MP40 gun has grown in popularity after the debut of Crazy Bunny MP40 in 2019. The damage rate is doubled by the skin. It does, however, restrict the magazine capacity of the firearm.

2. Flashing Spade MP40

The skin increases the weapon’s firepower significantly, but it reduces its effective range. The skin is quite attractive and is an excellent choice for gamers on the battlefield. It doubles the damage rate of the cannon and is ideal for close-range fighting.

3. Mechanical Girl MP40

The mechanical girl has pink and purple skin with electrical effects. Even at a longer range, it deals a lot of damage. The damage range is increased, but the reloading process is slightly slowed. As a result, in close-range combat, players will lose the advantage of this SMG. It is, nonetheless, very effective in mid-range battles.

4. Maniac MP40

This skin is suitable for close fighting on the battlefield. With improved clip size and rate of fire, the gun skin boasts excellent stats. The only disadvantage of this skin is that it reduces the MP40 gun’s range.

5. Lunar MP40

The Lunar MP40 skin is another excellent option, as it improves the weapon’s accuracy by two points. In addition, the weapon’s range has been extended. The skin does, however, slightly lengthen the reloading time, which can be aggravating for certain players.

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