After the OB29 update, here are the top three SMGs in Garena Free Fire


Assault rifles, submachine guns (SMGs), snipers, and other weapons are among the weaponry available to Free Fire. In Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches, players can use these weapons to shoot their opponents.

Players can choose between two major weapons. They may be perplexed as to which weapon is the most effective. Players will find it easy to choose the optimum weapon combination after reading this article.

Submachine guns are among the most devastating weapons available for medium to close-range warfare. After the OB29 update, Free Fire now has a total of eight SMGs.

Note: Submachine guns should not be used for long-range combat under any circumstances, as they lose their efficacy.

In Free Fire, the Best SMGs

Three of the greatest submachine guns in Free Fire are as follows:

1) MP5

This rifle is a strong pick because of its rate of fire and reload speed. As a result, when compared to other SMGs in Free Fire, the gun has the most steadiness. The MP5 also features the game’s second-largest magazine capacity and excellent accuracy, making it an excellent choice for close-range fighting.

2) P90

This weapon has a high rate of fire, as well as a good mobility speed and damage. The magazine on the P90 can store up to 50 rounds, making it the SMG with the most bullet capacity. This is a significant edge in aggressive matches.

3) UMP

In Free Fire, this is without a doubt the best SMG. This gun is an absolute asset in the SMG category, from reload speed to movement speed. Aside from these features, the pistol boasts a good rate of fire and impressive armor penetration.

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