After the OB30 release, here are the 5 finest Free Fire emotes like FFWC Throne


In Garena Free Fire, there are a lot of emotes, but each one is unique. FFWC Throne is one such emote that has gained a lot of popularity since its release.

In the 2019 Free Fire World Cup, the emote was introduced as one of the prizes. After a diamond top-up, players were able to obtain it. However, immediately after its removal, the emote became one of the most sought-after in Free Fire.

The animation in FFWC Throne was the cause for its popularity, since the character sits like a winner on the king’s chair. There are a plethora of other emotes in the game that are just as fantastic as FFWC Throne.

After the OB30 update, there are five amazing emote alternatives to FFWC Throne in Free Fire.

5) Selfie

The selfie emote (Image via Free Fire)

Selfie emotes are common in video games, and Free Fire included one in December 2019. It has drawn a large number of supporters who enjoy braggadocio towards the end of a game.

Although the emote’s animation isn’t particularly impressive, it’s still a fun way to show off a Booyah.

4) Make It Rain

Make It Rain (Image via Free Fire)

Due to its massive popularity, Money Heist is nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon. Garena capitalized on the success of the Netflix show with a deal that added a slew of new things to the game.

The developer debuted Make It Rain as part of the collaboration. The emote’s animation is quite good, with the character forming a Chinese fan (shan) out of a cash bundle before throwing it in the air.

3) Power of Money

Power of money (Image via Free Fire)

One of the coolest emotes in Free Fire is Power of Money, in which the player pulls out two money guns and splatters cash all over the place. It is a good choice for a Booyah emote.

In 2020, Garena launched Power of Money as one of the prizes of the Emote Party Event in Free Fire.

2) Tea Time

The Tea Time emote (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Tea Time is one of the most popular Free Fire emotes, with superb animation comparable to the FFWC Throne.

The character appears to be seated on a luminous blue table and chair in the emote. They drink tea after taking a seat.

1) I’m Rich

The I’m Rich emote (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Another emotion on this list is I’m Rich, which was created in cooperation with Money Heist by Free Fire. It is hardly an exaggeration to suggest that this is the most well-known emote in the game.

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