Alien Nanites in Fortnite: Where to Find Them, Crafting Recipes, and More


Season 7 of Fortnite has been a classic experience for gamers. The Alien-themed season is chock-full of intriguing adventures, and Epic Games is constantly introducing new features.

Gamers have been busy investigating the map updates and checking out the new objects that have been added to the island. Data miners have discovered that the game will include a new item known as the Alien Nanites.

Loopers can employ Alien Nanites to gain an advantage in Fortnite’s Battle Royale game, as they offer numerous features.

Season 7: Using Alien Nanites to Upgrade Weapons1) Spawn Location

At this time, Alien Nanites will spawn infrequently. As the season progresses, gamers should expect the spawn rate to gradually grow. Alien Nanites are easy to come by in Fortnite. They can get it from chests and floor loot all across the island.

Alien Nanites have also been discovered in Abductors and the Alien Mothership. Users should be aware, however, that Epic has disabled the former. As a result, they are expected to return to the game fairly soon.

2) Crafting properties

Upgrading weapons in the game yields better results in any mode in Fortnite. Alien Nanites function like upgrade stations, and loopers can upgrade their firearms using this in-game item in Season 7.

Those who fail to find a good weapon can use Alien Nanites to upgrade and put up a competitive fight against enemies.

3) Anti-gravity Zone

The Holly Hedges POI has been changed to Holly Hatchery, and gamers will see the area covered in cubical anti-gravity structures. Entering this area will give them a levitating action.

Alien Nanites serve the same purpose. The in-game item places an anti-gravity region over the area in the form of a cubical structure, and players can levitate inside it.

The cube stays in place for 30 seconds before the enchantment wears off and gravity returns. During close battle, gamers can use Alien Nanites to their advantage.

The levitating movement will make it tough for foes to shoot you, while loopers will gain an edge in altitude.

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