All about Falcon on Pubg’s mobile: Can you open it for free?


Today, we’ll go over all there is to know about the Falcon pet in Pubg mobile, including its price and features. You’ll also learn whether or not Falcon may be unlocked for free.

Why is the Falcon precious in PUBGM?

Unique and attractive pet

You can earn emote by raising Falcon’s level. You can also utilize those emotes to add some stylish actions to your Falcon bird. You must feed food to Falcon when it is hungry in order to raise its level.

Show off

The Falcon bird-wielding gamer stands out among the other players in the lobby or arena. You can use Falcon in matches if you have it. Under addition, the bird will not abandon you in any circumstance. In the lobby, you may also show off your best pet to your teammate and other worldwide pubg mobile players.

Can you unlock Falcon in Pubg mobile for free?

I believe you look for ways to get Falcon in Pubg Mobile for free in a variety of places. And you’d probably been told to use VPS and other third-party software, right? However, using unknown apps to get things for free can actually harm your Pubg mobile ID. So, first and foremost, I advise against using any third-party apps in the game. Second, a large number of players still have Falcon on their team. And you’re probably wondering how they acquire it.

The answer is that some gamers purchase Falcon with UC. Others can obtain the Falcon pet by finishing the November 2019 event. The issue is that many athletes squandered their chances. You can only get the Falcon now if you spend some UC. If you already have UC, you can buy it via the Pubg store.

  • Go to the shop.
  • Go to treasure
  • Purchase it spending 500 UC with a discount of 2100 UC.

If you purchase a companion pack, you will get Falcon and 60 companion food.

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