All GTA 3 cheats for Android smartphones are listed below


The Grand Theft Auto series began with GTA 3, which was the first of many genre-defining games. The game established the 3D universe and made GTA a household name that every player is familiar with.

It’s been two decades since the game was released, and it’s been converted to a variety of systems, including the PS4, Xbox One, and even IOS and Android.

The game’s migration to Android smartphones has made it considerably more accessible to consumers, as they no longer require a console or a PC to play it.

GTA 3 is an ancient game that can run on any modern Android device, but for the best performance and seamless gameplay, it is advised that you play it on a nice device with a good processor.

On Android, the game is identical to the original, including the opportunity to utilize Rockstar Games’ cheat codes to get an advantage or muck around in the game’s open world.

To enter a cheat code on an Android device, hold the “menu” button until the keyboard appears, allowing the player to enter a code. Players can also use the traditional PC cheat codes if their Android smartphone has a keyboard.

GTA 3 cheat codes for Android are listed below.

Here are all of the GTA 3 cheat codes:

Tortoise has a 100 percent armor rating.

Gesundheit is a German word that means “complete health.”

Better vehicle handling with cornerslikemad

ilikedressingup – Switch Up Your Look

Clear Weather – skincancerforme

When you’re having fun, time flies.

Cloudy Weather – ilikescotland

Crank Up Gore – nastylimbscheat

Destroy all automobiles with bangbangbang.

Flying vehicle chittycittybb

Foggy Weather – peasoup

Get All Weapons – gunsgunsguns

Invisible Cars – annicesetofwheels

  • Lower Wanted Level – nopoliceplease

More Money by ifiwerearichman (Keep using for more cash)

Pedestrians Attack – Nobody Likes Me

Pedestrians Fight One Another – weaponsforall

Rainy Weather – ilovescotland

Spawn Vehicles – giveusatank (Keep using for different vehicles)

boooooring – Increase the speed of the game.

madweather – Extremely Fast Game Clock

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