All possible methods for obtaining a free Name Change Card in Free Fire are detailed here.


Whenever new players log into Free Fire, the game requires them to fill in a name that sticks with them, serving as a virtual Free Fire identity. Most players who desire to change their original IGNs have to pay a hefty amount of 390 diamonds.

Gamers can, however, change their usernames in Free Fire with the guild item, “Name Change Card”, at a lower cost. They should join a guild to access such Name Change Cards available under the Guild Token tab of the Redeem section at 39 diamonds.

However, players who don’t want to use their actual money and want to obtain Name Change Cards for free should check out the rest of this article for better insights.

Free Fire Name Change Cards: Free attainment through store or in-game events

1) Regional Battle

Free Fire events like Regional Battle provide an opportunity for the players to grab various rewards, free of cost. The prize pool of items includes free Name Change Cards that usually unlock at 10,000 points. Players can earn Regional Battle points through a classic match by killing and ranking in a game.

Unfortunately, Garena is yet to introduce Regional Battle Season 8 after Season 7 ended in May. Players can expect the arrival of the new Regional Battle Season around the launch of the OB29 update, but nothing can be confirmed right now.

2) Using guild tokens instead of diamonds

The Guild Daily Quest grants 20 guild tokens every day
The Guild Daily Quest grants 20 guild tokens every day

Since Regional Battle is unavailable, players can use 200 guild tokens to unlock the Name Change Cards. They can earn as much as 20 tokens by playing a game with their guildmates daily through the ongoing Guild Daily Quest.

The Daily Quest is expected to last the lifetime of almost all current Free Fire players as it is valid until July 31, 2021, 23:59:59. So, it is safe to say that players have plenty of time to earn at least 20 guild tokens each day.

Players can refer to the guild sign-in page for other guild rewards that they can acquire daily.

3) Purchasing diamonds for free

Using free diamonds is an indirect way for players to earn Name Change Cards for free. They can use free diamonds to unlock a Name Change Card in the Store in the Redeem section.

Google Opinion Rewards, GPT sites, GPT applications, in-game events and giveaway contests are some of the methods that players can employ to earn free diamonds legally.

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