Among other things, Cozy Grove’s new summer update allows you to embrace a bear.


On all platforms, including iOS via Apple Arcade, Spry Fox has launched a huge update for its charming life sim game Cozy Grove.

The Summer Update is a new update for Cozy Grove that introduces a slew of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Critter-catching is one such new feature, with the warm weather bringing forth a multitude of bugs and other critters that you can now catch with a net. Collect as many as you can and sell them for a profit.
There’s also a number of new decorations and apparel being introduced to Cozy Grove to provide a new degree of personalisation to your character. Some of these things are related to seasonal events which will become available in the future.

But isn’t that the feature I’m most looking forward to? A bear can now be hugged. It’s not a requirement of the game, and you’re never obligated to hug somebody as part of a mission or activity; you can hug them simply because you want to.


The patch notes for everything added to Cozy Grove in the most recent update can be found right here on this blog page. Cozy Grove was launched early this year on iOS via Apple Arcade, as well as on PC and consoles.

On the official website, you can learn more about Apple Arcade, a premium subscription service for iOS that allows you access to hundreds of exclusive mobile games.

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