Apex Legends Mobile’s closed beta is now available in five additional countries.


Respawn Entertainment has stated that the Apex Legends private beta will be expanded to a further five nations in Asia, Africa, and South America, which is great news for mobile gamers. The news comes over two months after the game’s closed beta launched in the Philippines and India for Android smartphones.

Respawn has announced that the closed beta will now be extended to five more countries: Indonesia, Peru, Egypt, Colombia, and Lebanon, according to a recent tweet. There was no specific date given for when the closed beta registrations would begin in these countries, but Respawn Entertainment hinted that it would be “within the next few weeks.”

How do I sign up for Apex Legends’ closed beta?
If you live in one of the aforementioned countries and would want to participate in the Apex Legends Mobile beta, simply head to the game’s Google Play page and click “Register.” After that, you may have to wait a while before receiving an invitation to play the game via Respawn.

Simply signing up for the closed beta does not guarantee an invite, and there will be some element of chance involved. Also, the closed beta is now only available on Android devices, while an iOS conversion is expected once the complete version of the game is released in the future.

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Taking advantage of the mobile market
Respawn’s latest attempt to expand the Apex Legends closed beta to other nations is positive, as it demonstrates their goal to penetrate the mobile market in emerging regions like Asia and South America, where mobile gaming is far more accessible to the bulk of the population. Apex Legends has been a huge hit, especially on PC, where it consistently attracts over 100,000 players per day.

Of course, Apex Legends Mobile won’t be the first battle royale game on mobile, but if the PC version’s success is any indication, it’ll be one of the finest, if not the best, on the market when it launches globally.

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