Argentina’s Papu Gómez is in style.


The good performances of Papu Gómez, which include goals, are not going unnoticed by anyone, especially by those who follow Argentina’s progress in the Copa América. El sevillista is una of las personas que ha convertido into una de las personas que ha convertido en una de

revelations for his good work with Messi, and he has risen to become one of the most sought-after footballers in the South American media. «El jugador de Sevilla sorprendió todos avec dos goles and peut complicar Scaloni’s decision in the semifinals against Ecuador on Saturday. Against the Guarana team, Papu was the captain and scored a good goal. He had a great time and looked comfortable playing on the right side of the field, next to Messi. Gómez joins the middle of the field, gives him space on the side, and can break the space. He lacks Nico González’s speed, but he provides the team with other benefits, according to AS Argentina.

TYC Sports also praised his performance, saying, “The 56 minutes on the field translate into the completion of the task that Lionel Scaloni assigned to him: playing for the left side.” In that spot, the Albiceleste generated the most danger, with Messi and Acua as Papu sector co-owners».

If Argentina makes it to the final of the Copa América, Papu Gómez and Acua, the other sevillista called up, will be competing until July 11th. It’s worth remembering that Sevilla’s deadline for preparing the 2021-22 season is this Saturday, which means that the Argentines won’t be joining the preseason until two or three weeks later. In any case, the Sevilla executives should not be concerned because they need time to prepare themselves in the best possible conditions before resuming competition.

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