As of July 2021, the top 5 free Fire emotes


Free Fire contains amusing components like as emotes that assist relieve stress in addition to hosting regular, furious battle royale matches. One of the most exciting ways for gamers to communicate is through emotes.

Players in Free Fire have access to a large number of these emotes. Some of them can be purchased at the ‘Store,’ while others are hard to come by. As a result, in this article, we’ll go through some of the best emotes available in Free Fire as of July 2021.

As of July 2021, the most fashionable Free Fire emotes

5) Wiggle Walk

The Wiggle Walk emote debuted at a Top Up event, where players had to spend 600 diamonds to get it. It’s a wonderful emote that performs many classic dance routines when the emote action is activated.

The emote’s in-game description reads:

“Are you able to keep up with my movements?”

4) LOL

The LOL emote in Free Fire

The LOL emote was initially available as an Elite Pass reward in 2019, however it was unavailable to new players that joined the game. As a result, it is still in high demand. However, the emoticon was reintroduced a few times in subsequent special events.

When this emote action is performed, the character laughs and mocks while pointing at others.

3) Tea Time

The Tea Time emote in Free Fire.

The biggest reward in the Dual-Wheel Faded Spin Event was the Tea Time emote, which was only available to a select few players due to the high number of diamond spins required.

With a long animation period, it is one of the most well-known legendary emotes. Players sit in a chair and pretend to drink a cup of tea when the emote action is activated.

2) Booyah!

The Booyah! emote in Free Fire

During the Emote Party event in December 2020, the Booyah! emote was released. It’s a popular emote that shows the winner’s celebratory manner.

The text “BOOYAH!” shows on the ground after the emotive action is performed, with the player posing with a winning gesture.

1) Eat my Dust

During a Top Up event in Free Fire, the “Eat my dust” emote became available. Before acquiring this legendary emote for free from the ‘Events’ menu, players must spend a certain number of diamonds.

The in-game description for the emote is as follows:

“Come take a look at my new ride.”

Note:Although users have to pay money for diamonds, the top-up rewards are free since no in-game currency is used to obtain them.

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