As of July 2021, there are 5 top gloo wall skins in Free Fire.


Gloo walls are perhaps the most sought-after utility item in Garena Free Fire. They’re useful for a variety of things. Players can use gloo barriers to protect themselves from sudden firing, block shelters, and escape.

Users can choose from a number of different skins for their gloo wall. As a result, the skins have no bearing on the game. They’re mostly for aesthetic reasons.

In July 2021, five of the most pleasant gloo wall skins will be released in Free Fire.

1) Cobra Strike

The aesthetic attractiveness of the Cobra Strike Gloo Wall skin is what makes it so popular. It debuted as part of the Cobra Strike event and served as the grand prize here.

2) Taunting Dino

Taunting Dino is one of Free Fire’s rarest gloo wall skins. It’s extremely catchy and on the funkier side, with a lot of vivid colors.

On the front of the gloo wall is a satirical emblem that reads, ‘Ha! Hit Meeeeee!’ As part of the Draw a Dino event in India, the skin was available.

3) Death Guardian

The Death Guardian is, without a doubt, one of the most popular gloo wall skins in the game, with its majestic golden style.

The massive size and thickness of the wall, on the other hand, make it even more popular. Two players can simply take cover behind it when it’s deployed.

As part of the Elite Pass Season, the Blood Hockey skin was released.

Many players made pre-orders solely for the skin during that season. With a vibrant red color and a smiling skull in the center, Blood Hockey is appealing.

The gloo wall skin for the Nuclear Bunker isn’t particularly appealing. However, this skin’s sheer practicality makes it one of the greatest in Free Fire. It spans a huge area and shields players from a wider angle once deployed.

Aside from these gloo wall skins, Free Fire players love Spiky Spine, Volcanic Fury, and Dragon Seal.

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