As of September 2021, this is a list of all Free Fire characters having awakened talents.


Moco is the most recent Free Fire character to have an awakened version in the near future. On September 18, 2021, the awakened version is likely to be launched.

After obtaining the standard character and completing the waking missions, players can unlock the awakened characters. In Free Fire, there are four characters who have their own awakened versions, including Moco.

Free Fire characters with awakened abilities

The following Free Fire characters have their own Elite versions:

1) Kelly “The Swift”

Kelly “The Swift” (Image via Free Fire)

Kelly was the first character from Free Fire to have her own awakened version. After four seconds of sprinting, her awakened power, Deadly Velocity, activates.

Kelly’s standard power, Dash, boosts players’ sprinting speed. At the start of the game, the new power assists in inflicting 101 percent damage on the enemy. The percentage is increased to 106 at the final stage.

2) Hayato “Firebrand”

Hayato “Firebrand” (Image via Free Fire)

Hayato’s standard ability is Bushido, which boosts armor penetration while lowering HP. The Art of Blades is the name given to his newly awakened power.

At the initial level, the awakened ability lets players to lessen frontal damage by 1% while also reducing their HP by 10%. Frontal damage is lowered by 3.5 percent for every 10% reduction in HP at the highest level.

3) Andrew “The Fierce”

Andrew’s default passive ability is Armor Specialist, which helps to reduce vest durability loss. Wolf Pack is the name of his newly awakened power.

The armor damage reduction is increased by 8% at the first level and 14% at the last level when utilizing the awakened ability. Every teammate who has that skill can get an extra 0.15 damage reduction.

4) Moco (coming soon)

Enigma’s Eye is anticipated to be the name of Moco’s newly awakened ability. Hacker’s Eye, her usual ability, aids in marking adversaries who have been shot by the character.

If foes move, the awakened ability will allow players to track them for an extended length of time. The time is increased by two seconds at the first level and 6.5 seconds at the maximum level.

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